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Winter-Ready Tasks Around the Home

Preparing your home for winter can save you in the long run. Here are a few quick do it yourself tips that can be done in a day off in no time. The main focus is to insulate, since it’s getting cold.

Now is about the time most of us are turning on the heat. There are ways that you can capitalize on all that heat, making sure it stays in the household. All homes have small cracks and gaps in the doors and windows. Instead of replacing them, which most of us can’t afford, consider installing weather stripping in or around them. Especially if you own a home with a wooden door, since they can shrink in dry-heat weather. Adhesive foam weather stripping will keep the heat in, and minimize it escaping through the cracks.

As we know heat rises, if you own a swamp cooler, it can be a straight path for heat to escape unless insulated properly. If you insert a preventative called “cookie sheets” it helps prevent heat from escaping. For maximum prevention you should drain the water, place insulation in/around the cabinet. While you’re doing this you can also prepare your swamp cooler for the next summer days by fixing any holes in the water pan, and perform proper lubrication on the cage bearings. Any heavy duty repairs should be left up to the professionals.

Getting your home ready for winter is a must-do for a homeowner. If your home contains pipes that leak there are steps that you can take to ensure it doesn’t do more damage. Since water expands when it freezes it can cause pipes to burst or break. You can prevent this by installing pre-split foam-pipe insulation and insulated wrap. The pre-split foam comes in sizes of ¼, ½,  ¾ and one inch diameter pipes. Be sure to measure the outside of your pipes to find the correct size for your situation. Cut the exact length to fit over pipe and remove the plastic protective covering over the adhesive and press the two surfaces that are sticking together. Afterwards, wrap the foam insulation with self-adhesive pipe tape wrap. Tape is necessary because the sun will break down the foam if it isn’t protected. Keep in mind the pipes that are in coldest part of the house. This includes the garage and attic. Not only does it protect for the winter days it will also have pros for the summer. The foam and adhesive will also keep the cold water a bit cooler in the summer. It’s a win-win situation.

Being proactive will help maintain the home in which you live. Protect yourself from major damage to your home and capitalize on the heat that you’re a/c unit puts out. All comes down to being prepared for what’s to come.

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