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6 Tips for Real Estate Sellers and Buyers

You just decided that you need a new home or you’re tired of the old one. You might be tired of the memories and want to start anew or you’re family is growing and you need a bigger home to live in. There might be many reasons why you need a home, but the steps to take to buy or sell a home always stays the same.


When buying a new home you should look at the following tips to get the best bang for your buck.

Broaden your horizons

You might have heard it a million times echoing from your parents, friends and TV shows but location, location, location can make a massive price difference. Try new areas you’ve never thought of and remember to include traveling costs as well as schools, hospitals and other important infrastructures in your area.

 Credit rating

Something I’ve often come across is friends and families who assume they have a high enough credit rating for a home loan. Don’t speculate about your credit rating since you might be surprised with the actual amount you might receive. With a clear indication of what you might receive you will be able to draft a foolproof budget.

Stick to the budget

Once you have a clear indication of your credit rating you should draft a budget to give you an idea of what you can and cannot afford to pay off on a home loan.


When selling your home you need to everything in your power to raise your homes value for the minimum amount of money from your pocket.

Fix your home

To raise your homes value you need to fix all the unsightly cracks, burns, rips, tears and anything else you can find that will bring your value down. Assessors and potential buyers will use all of the vaults against you to bring your selling price down.


Big problems should be fixed by servicemen but all the small problems around your house should be tackled by yourself to save some money and earn a bigger profit.


Great investments for a big boost in your homes value is the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom area. These are some of the area’s most frequented by most home owners and that’s why you need to update these rooms. Replace the old tiles or carpets with modern tiles, planks or carpeting. You can even install new cupboards, closest and bathroom utilities at a small price to get a big return in investment.

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