Real Estate Guide Real Estate Guide Copyright by en Mon, 19 Oct 2020 23:45:47 -0400 Top Home Upgrades People Want in a COVID-19 World Did you have plans to sell your house this year that you put on hold because it just didn't seem like the time was right? It was because of the pandemic, right?

Thought so.

You aren't alone. Many people found themselves changing their plans once the pandemic arrived, thinking that there wouldn't be a market for a while, or that what they had to offer wouldn't be enough to draw a buyer in a high supply/low demand sort of climate.

The good news is that real estate and homeownership sales had a great year, and the outlook continues to appear suitable.

That's not to say it wasn't competitive. It's a smart seller who has some extra things lined up to make the house they're selling that much more appealing to prospective buyers during a time when people's lives are so affected by COVID-19.

Here are some of the top upgrades that are selling homes these days.

Space For Home Office Or Classroom Use

Working from home (WFH) as a business practice isn't going away anytime soon.

Many major corporations have already extended WFH policies into 2021, and some have even decided to make the change permanent. Add to that the rise in the number of people engaged in either freelance or "side hustle" work, a dedicated, comfortable home office space is growing in demand. People need to be able to work in peace, take calls in private, and, in some cases, keep their home office space separate from their living room for both tax reasons and life-balance reasons.

An extra room can not only make an ample home office space, but it could also be the classroom space you need for any children engaged in remote learning. The separate room allows for fewer distractions for in-school children and less underfoot during the parents' day.

Even if a buyer doesn't need a home office or schooling space, the staging shows what possibilities the area has to offer.

The Home Gym Option

People aren't going out as much as they used to. In particular, gyms have faced many challenges in controlling health risks during the pandemic, but many people miss their gyms just the same.

That's why you can stage a room as a home gym solution for potential buyers who are serious about physical fitness. Space for yoga mats, weight training, or exercise machines mean buyers no longer have to worry about sanitized conditions at their local gym, but can exercise in the comfort and security of their own home.

Adding Improvements To Outdoor Spaces

Because people aren't going out as much as they used to, the need for a relaxing recreational space is more important than ever. For many people, that means a nice backyard or patio area they can enjoy with family or friends within their bubble.

In addition to smart-looking landscaping, you'll want to look at backyard fireplaces and kitchens, stone walkways, garden areas, and a pool or hot tub. You don't even have to do too much. A little can go a long way so long as it conveys an impression of being a place where buyers can relax.

The front counts as an outdoor space as well. Curb appeal is a huge draw for most buyers, whether they're conscious of it or not. By sprucing up the front yard, and any porch areas, you're making your home more appealing for buyers.

Selling Homes In a COVID-19 World

Other ways you can be competitive in the homebuying market can include:

  • Creating a dedicated laundry room
  • Making use of room dividers to break up open floor plans
  • Installing skylights
  • Upgrading any in-law suites if available
  • Modernizing bathroom facilities
  • Installing energy-efficient windows.

We also offer these additional home selling tips you can use to put your home on the top of potential buyers' lists.

Don't forget to contact an expert to help guide you through this process. 2020 was a good year for selling a home. There's no reason why 2021 can't be an even better year.

This article was created by Barb Bullard, Marketing Director of Henderson Properties, a full-service real estate agency in Charlotte, NC.

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How Do You Deal With A Bad Property Management Company? If you are in the business of Property Management then it doesn't matter how many years of experience you have in this regard. You always need a professional and reliable Property Management Company to help you in expediting your business and to optimize it so that you can generate the maximum amount of profit. A Property Management Company helps you out in expediting your business in the long run that is why you cannot have a stress free business of Property Management without an actual Property Management Company.

 Many times property management companies become a hassle for the business owners and landlords because the property management companies do not meet with the commitments that they have made with the landlords. If such a thing happens to you then it can be very annoying and frustrating because it is not fulfilling the requirement of justice and the reason why you made a contract with the Property Management Company in the first place.

In this article, we are going to discuss how to deal with the bad Property Management Company.

What Are The Signs That You Are Dealing With A Bad Property Management Company?

 1. Communication Skills

 The first sign that you are dealing with the poor quality of Property Management Company is there poor communication skills and how open they are to talk to the business owners that they have made contracts with. If they do not take what you say seriously and do not reply to your messages all calls within 24 hours then it is a big sign that you are dealing with their bad Property Management Company. This is a Red flag that you need to do something about it.

 2. Law Of Landlord And Tenants

 The main reason why business owners and landlords hire the services of property management companies is that they have the knowledge of the law of landlord and tenant because it is quite complicated. But if you find out that the property management that you have made a contract with has little to no knowledge about the rules of landlord and tenant then you need to do something about it right now!

 3. Late Payments

 The major signs that you are dealing with a bad Property Management Company are that your payments are always late and keep getting postponed. This is the time when you should start looking for a better Property Management Company.

How To Deal With A Bad Property Management Company?

 Now let's talk about the steps and procedures you will need to go through if you are dealing with a bad Property Management Company.

 1. Negotiation With The Property Management Company

 If you are dealing with the poor Property Management Company then the first thing that you can do is to negotiate with them and try to sort out your problems with them face to face.

 2. Fire Them

 If you are negotiations with the bad Property Management Company do not work out then you should get rid of them and fire that company for the sake of your business

 3. Look For A Better Property Management

 Now the next step is to switch the property management company and look for better opportunities for the profitability and optimization of your Property Management Business.

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What is a Hard Money Lender and Where to Find One What is a Hard Money Lender?

Hard money lenders, otherwise known as bridge lenders or private money lenders, provide short-term financing for both residential and commercial real estate investors.

These lenders are usually private investors or companies who use real estate as collateral to secure the loan.

Using a hard money lender can be advantageous to real estate investors because a hard money loan can be funded in a matter of days and with little paperwork required, whereas a traditional lender like a big bank or credit union can take months to fund a deal and require many forms of documentation.

Also, instead of focusing on your credit score and income, bridge lenders are more interested in the value of the underlying asset.

For these reasons, hard money lenders are capable of funding real estate projects big banks will not finance.

Keep in mind, due to government laws, properties used for hard money loans must not be owner-occupied, otherwise the owner runs the risk of having the note called for violation of the loan agreement.

Hard money loans have higher interest rates than traditional loans, ranging from 7% to 15% depending on the lender and where the property is located.

Generally loans with lower interests rates are given to properties with lower loan to value ratios and in areas where real estate prices do not fluctuate as much, for example in California or New York.

Each of these areas will also have direct hard money lenders that are focused on the local real estate market.

For example, Crescent Lenders is a hard money lender in California, they will have interest rates as low as 7.99% specifically for the Californian market.

Whereas a lender operating in Florida, will likely charge higher interest rates as the prices fluctuate more.

It's also important to note, HMLs (hard money loans) have higher interest rates than traditional loans, and are designed to be used when a real estate investor needs to create leverage.

Because of this, these loans should only be held for a short period of time, generally 6 to 36 months.

Where to Find a Hard Money Lender

Because hard money lending is regulated differently than traditional mortgages it is a bit of a murky world, with some bad actors. 

It's not uncommon to hear stories of investors paying hefty upfront fees and never getting their loan funded.

In order to avoid these unscrupulous players, you can find lenders from:

Online Directory Sites

Directory sites, like, are ideal because they enable borrowers to search via a specific criteria, for example, not all lenders will lend on ground-up construction in Arizona while other lenders will not lend against land outside of California. 

These directory sites not only provide borrowers with certified licensed lenders, but will also save you time by linking you with the best lender for your specific needs and protect you from bad actors.


Google generally has great results, however be cautious of a lender with too many good reviews on Google, this should be a red flag. 

If the comments seem unnatural and inorganic, move onto the next lender to ensure you are not wasting your time or getting scammed. 

Your Local Network

Another great way to find a hard money lender is utilizing your real estate contacts, like your local real estate or mortgage broker. 

These business people should have experience dealing with hard money lenders in your area and could help you secure financing for your deal.

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How to Find the Right Real Estate Lawyer - Things to Look Out For!

Real estate attorneys play a crucial role in any real estate transaction. While your real estate agent will assist you to navigate through the aspects of selling or buying your home, a real estate attorney will take care of the necessary legal requirements. 

Hiring the right real estate attorney helps in relieving the stress of selling or buying property. The attorney will ensure that all the paperwork is correctly prepared and ready to sign. Having the right attorney will ensure that your buying or selling process goes smoothly.  With that said, what should you look for in a real estate lawyer? 

Below we list the tips to assist you in finding the right real estate attorney. These tips will ensure that you choose an attorney with the qualifications and experience that you need. 


Every attorney has that prestigious degree hanging on their wall. However, this is just a confirmation that the attorney went to law school. You cannot learn anything about the attorney or their legal team from this. 

Therefore, make sure that you take your time to know your attorney before hiring them. Check to see for how long has the attorney been practicing real estate law? Has the attorney ever handled a situation or case like yours before? It’s important to put this into consideration, especially if you have a complicated case. 

All real estate cases are unique, and they depend on several factors. Some of these factors include the sellers, buyers, as well as the property in question. So, always choose a real estate attorney with the experience of handling real estate cases similar to yours. Moreover, this lawyer shouldn’t have a challenge in giving you the insights that you need to make your case or situation easier. 


Should I find an attorney who only specializes in real estate? Well, this is a common question among people searching for real estate lawyers. However, it’s important to understand that your situation will determine the attorney that you choose. 

Lawyers who specialize in real estate have more experience when it comes to handling cases similar to yours. However, hiring an attorney who’s experienced in different areas has an added advantage. For instance, if you’re going through a divorce, and your property needs to be sold, hiring a real estate attorney who handles family law is the best option for this situation. 


How easier can you communicate with the lawyer or their legal team? Communication is an important factor to consider when looking for a lawyer. You shouldn’t have an issue when it comes to communicating with your attorney. 

Therefore, it’s important to ask yourself the following questions:

  • How will my working relationship with the attorney or their legal team be?
  • Will I feel comfortable consulting the attorney in case of an emergency?
  • Will the attorney answer all my legal questions?
  • Am I comfortable with the attorney’s style of communication?
  • Does the lawyer possess the technical knowledge and insights needed to remain connected in this day and age?

These questions do matter! Expertise, patience, insight, as well as readiness to communicate ideas. These are essential things to look out for before hiring a real estate lawyer. 


Is your prospective lawyer willing to provide a list of references? This is an essential question to ask yourself. Any professional attorney shouldn’t have a challenge in providing a list of references when requested to. Moreover, you need to understand that you can find information about your prospective attorney in various online platforms. 

However, you should be careful with the information that you find at different review and rating websites. Such information can be misleading, and it can lead to a wrong decision. But, the best place to look is at the lawyer’s website, social media profiles, or professional listing. Here, you need to check the accessibility of their social media presence. How informative is this information? This information will assist you to know whether or not you are hiring a professional and experienced real estate attorney. 

Lastly, personal references do play an important role when choosing a lawyer. Besides, it doesn’t do any harm to ask your friends, and family for references. Apart from this, service professionals, realtors, and other people in the real estate sector can assist you in determining the lawyer’s quality of service, degree of professionalism, and other essential factors. 

Familiarity with the local real estate laws

In most cases, the real estate sector is governed by local laws. For instance, professional and experienced lawyers understand better the laws governing the real estate sector in Orlando and the surrounding areas. Things like prices, zoning ordinances, and taxes, among others, do differ from one state to another. Therefore, you ensure that you choose a real estate attorney who has relevant knowledge about these laws. 

The real estate lawyer that you choose should have the knowledge needed to make sure that you get the most out of the deal. Hiring a real estate attorney who’s not familiar with the area where you want to buy or sell the property is less likely to know the due diligence required when selling or buying a property.

Do you have an already established relationship with the attorney?

If there’s a chance that you’ve worked with a real estate lawyer before, and you had a good experience with the attorney, consider hiring them again. Because you had a working relationship with the lawyer before, you must have a good idea of how they handle legal matters related to real estate. Moreover, you might realize that the attorney is willing to charge you a lower fee because of your previous relationship. 

However, if you’ve worked with an attorney who doesn’t handle real estate matters, ask them whether they practice real estate law. Some lawyers are very versatile, meaning they can handle different disciplines. However, if you realize that the attorney doesn’t handle real estate cases, consider asking them for a reference. Lawyers are very resourceful and have a wide network as well. Thus, asking an attorney for a reference can assist you to find a reputable real estate attorney. 


Not unless you’ve ever worked with the real estate attorney before, always make sure that you enquire about their cost. If possible, ask the attorney how much they will charge you for the entire case—this is important, especially when working on a tight budget. 

Also, you need to enquire whether there are any hidden costs. The last thing you want is to start paying money you didn’t expect to pay. Any professional real estate lawyer shouldn’t have a problem with advising you about their cost early in advance. Lastly, ask the attorney if they can give you a breakdown of the total cost—this will assist you to budget appropriately. 

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Ways to use automation to make your home more efficient Over the past few months, we’ve all been spending more time at home. Now, more than ever, the home is the nexus of modern American life. As your day fills up with work, teaching the kids, making dinner, and more, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by this new normal. It’s time to work smarter, not harder. Home automation has the potential to take more off your plate, help you stay organized, and remove distractions. In this article, we’ll review just how automation can help and how you can go about making your home work “smarter” for you.

Control every aspect of your home

It’s an old saying that still rings true: knowledge is power. When homeowners are informed, they have the ability to take action and be proactive. With a smart home control system, homeowners can see real-time data and details about their home’s security, energy efficiency, and performance. For example, it can be set up to automatically detect water leaks and send you an alert. Considering that every hour of a leak can cause hundreds of dollars in water damage, knowing there’s a leak right away can save you a ton of money on repairs.

Of course, not all beneficial automation has to be device-based. As we alluded to earlier, even setting up a digital calendar with automated home maintenance reminders can be incredibly helpful. For example, we all find ourselves forgetting to change a Chicago HVAC air filter as often as we should. By setting a recurring reminder on your phone, you can ensure you don’t forget to switch it out every 2-3 months. You can take things even further, however: many retailers now offer recurring purchase and delivery options. That air filter you need every 2-3 months will show up at your door right on time, without you even having to think twice about it.

You set the schedule

If you were to sit down and outline everything you do in a day, how much of your cumulative time and mental energy gets spent on the mundane things? You have to turn down the thermostat at 9 p.m. You need to turn on the hallway light for your daughter before bed. Did you lock the front door? Many of us carry this mental baggage with us in our heads, and then get frustrated with ourselves when something inevitably gets dropped. Home automation can help reduce this load and automate the mundane, allowing you to clear out your mental “to-do list” and live life with less anxiety.

One of the most recognizable home automation devices is the smart thermostat. Also known as programmable thermostats, these units are incredibly helpful. With a smart thermostat, you can schedule out temperature changes in advance, which means no more having to remember to adjust the dial at certain points in the day. Most of these thermostats can also be controlled through a smartphone app. Leave your home for vacation, but not sure if you remembered to set the temperature higher? Just adjust it on your phone, and you’re set.

Your home’s cooling and heating systems aren’t the only things that can be set to a schedule. With smart lights, you can determine ahead of time when you want indoor and outdoor lights to turn on-and-off. Many homeowners use this with their patio light to ensure that it gets turned off before everyone goes to bed. As with your thermostat, smart lights can either be controlled through your smartphone or a voice assistant. This makes it easy to turn lights on-and-off—even if you have your hands full!

Make your home more secure

A smarter home is a more secure home. If you’re looking to automate the security of your home, start with a smart lock for your front or back door. These locks can be controlled through your smartphone, allowing you to unlock the door for your kids, guests, or service technicians while you’re away. Many smart lock features can also provide you with an overview of who is coming and going from your home—unfortunate news for any teenagers sneaking out at night.

Your home security can also be augmented with cameras and motion sensors. These smart devices are designed to work together: for example, a motion sensor being triggered may activate the camera and send your phone a push notification with the live feed video of your home. That kind of combined automation was unheard of even five years ago, and it’s a good example of how automation is making our homes and lives more secure. Many smart security systems can even be set up to automatically notify emergency personnel in the event of a fire, break-in, or carbon monoxide leak.

Once a hobby for the tech-savvy, home automation has gone mainstream. We’re at the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what automation can do for us. If you’re just now looking into home automation, you’re at the perfect point to jump in and get started.

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How You Can Get Financial Assistance for Septic Systems in Florida The Florida Department of Environmental Protection announced a Septic Upgrade Incentive Program. The goal is to improve the quality of water and protect Florida’s springs. This program encourages homeowners to enhance conventional septic systems by adding advanced features that would reduce nitrogen pollution. According to digital marketing agency Chicago, many Floridians on the Internet are looking for the best solution for their septic system.

Nitrogen is one of the nutrients that can fuel harmful algal blooms and impair water quality in the state’s coastal and inland waters. Twenty four of the state’s 30 first magnitude springs are impaired by excess nitrate-nitrogen. Nitrate-nitrogen is an inorganic form of nitrogen that is highly mobile in the environment and readily available as a nutrient source to the organisms that cause algal blooms. There are roughly 2 million septic systems in Florida, most of which are conventional systems that have minimal ability to remove nitrogen. This is why septic systems are the source of nitrogen to the groundwater that feeds springs. Other potential sources of nitrogen include urban and agricultural fertilizers, livestock waste, atmospheric deposition, and wastewater treatment facilities.

Conventional septic systems remove very little nitrogen. They contain two parts - a septic tank and a drainfield. Once wastes enter the septic tank, solids settle out and are slowly degraded by anaerobic bacteria in the tank, while liquids (septic tank effluent) move onward through a series of pipes to the drainfield. Most of the nitrogen in septic waste is in the form of organic nitrogen, but the anaerobic conditions of the septic tank cause it to quickly convert to ammonia-nitrogen. Further on, ammonia-nitrogen is converted to nitrate-nitrogen in the oxygen-rich soil. Nitrate is highly mobile in soils and can quickly leach to underlying groundwater, as conventional septic systems have no mechanism to capture or remove it. Conventional septic systems protect human health from the pathogenic organisms in water, but they are not designed to remove nitrogen. A conventional septic system can remove only about 30% of the nitrogen that enters it.

This Septic Upgrade Incentive Program is designed to offset homeowner costs by providing certified installers, licensed plumbers, and septic tank cleaning Miami companies with up to $10,000 after the installation of enhanced nitrogen-reducing features to existing septic systems located in targeted areas within eligible counties. Designed areas are identified and delineated by DEP as Priority Focus Areas in Citrus, Hernando, Leon, Marion, Orange, Pasco, Seminole, Volusia, and Wakulla counties. This will effectively reduce the cost to the homeowner for the septic system upgrades.

Tina Vielhauer, director of DEP’s Division of Water Restoration Assistance stated: “We encourage homeowners in these Priority Focus Areas to take advantage of this new Septic Upgrade Incentive Program. Every homeowner who does their part to upgrade a septic system brings us one step closer to our goal of significantly lowering nutrients in Florida’s springs.”

The enhancements to septic systems include retrofitting septic tanks with advanced pre-treatment, recirculating aerobic treatment units, or replacing traditional septic tanks with upgraded nutrient-reducing technology.

The incentives are available for payment directly to septic system installers and licensed plumbers retained by homeowners to update existing systems. However, these incentives must be pre-approved by the department prior to the commencement of work.

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Top Reasons Why You Should Buy Property near Santa Rosa Beach Florida Beachfront property is some of the most valued property in the world. The view is to die for, the breeze is just right, the waves crashing against the beach make the feeling even better. To know that you could very well have the ability to make an investment and buy some worthwhile property on the beach is a dream come true in most cases. Are you looking to invest in a condo to settle into once you retire, a place to use when going on holidays with the family or even better, and a place to call home every single day?  If so, you may fall in love with any of the Sandpiper Cove condos for sale in Destin.  At Sandpiper Cove you can have a beach view condo as well as a boat docked in the harbor right outback.  Talk about a dream home. 

Santa Rosa Beach Overview

Santa Rosa Beach in Florida has some of the best real estate being sold on the beach. Looking for a place that is not too crowded, is clean and is surprisingly affordable, this just could be the place for you to settle down. Santa Rosa Beach condos are unique because of their height restrictions of 50 feet. This makes all Santa Rosa Beach condo either a low-rise or midrise building. What this means is fewer people, more privacy, and less noise. so if you're wanting to have a vacation home or condo in a place that is more secluded then other areas Santa Rosa Beach Florida should be on the top of your list.

Santa Rosa Beach stretches all the way from the Gulf of Mexico up to Choctawhatchee Bay. The real estate options along this massive stretch are not limited either. Take your pick between townhouses, condos, houses, or even pieces of land for future development, all of these are available on the waterfront.

Here a few reasons why you should think about buying a house in this particular area if you are looking to settle down in Santa Rosa.

It’s At The Beach!

Who wouldn’t want to wake up with the perfect view of the ocean in their line of sight? Getting a house on the waterfront would be ideal for anyone looking to escape the madness of crowded cities and looking for some more natural scenery that is therapeutic in nature. The sight of waves crashing against the sandy beaches. The cool ocean breeze sweeping over the entire beach, the idea of waking up to take a quiet walk along the beach as you watch the sunrise or an evening stroll to watch the sunset as you walk your dog is very appealing and inviting.  You can also ride your bicycle on the sandy beaches just to get some exercise done during the day. Maybe take a swim in the ocean and cool off for a minute. Living on the beach has a calming effect and is the ideal setting for anyone looking to relax after a hard day’s work. Being at any of the homes or condos in Blue Mountain Beach will check off all your needs for a vacation property at the beach.


Santa Rosa Beach boasts of having some of the cleanest waters and beaches nationally. This ensures that you and your family grow up in a clean, well taken care of the environment that also teaches the younger ones the importance of keeping the environment around them clean and safe for future generations.

More Residential And Less Large Condos

Santa Rosa is not a cluttered place. It has more residential properties along its waterfront than it does large high-rise condos. This makes the environment more serene and less susceptible to noise and crowding of people along the beach. This controlled environment ensures you keep your privacy at your premises without risking having to chase off strangers in their huge crowds when you need a little peace and quiet. Most people in Santa Rosa are usually visiting tourists and vacationers. The primary residence mostly live in North Santa Rosa Beach and Point Washington.

Natural Scenery

This vast expanse of land along the oceanfront has zones filled with different scenery such that it never gets boring living around here. If you are a nature lover and enjoy the sights and sounds of living at the waterfront, Santa Rosa Beach has to offer. Natural beauty in its simplicity makes the view even better for anyone looking to see something different other than the usual building towering high above next door or the cars zooming past in the streets below as people rush to and from their daily activities. The coastal dune lakes and beautiful sand dunes in the state parks are wonderful places to sightsee, take pictures, and explore.


The most obvious amenity at Santa Rosa is the beach itself where one could relax and just enjoy the view. Many vacationers rent homes along the beach to be able to enjoy this for a few days or weeks before heading back to the norm. There are many shops and boutiques up and down scenic Highway 30a which is the road that runs parallel to the beach from Santa Rosa Beach all the way to Rosemary Beach. There is also a wide bike path that follows the entire length of 30a. The restaurants in Santa Rosa are also in plenty and have excellent food. Looking for some seafood, take a trip to The Bay Restaurant or Stinky’s Fish Camp and enjoy some.

Prime Property

Beachfront property is highly desired and valued. It may not be easy to come by and when the opportunity does present itself, it turns out to be a worthwhile investment. Valued homes along Santa Rosa Beach are available ranging from $350,000 to over $10 million depending on the size in question. If looking for a multimillion-dollar luxury home to splurge on along the beach or just an ordinary condo to keep you housed, this is the perfect place to look. Houses along the beachfront and Gulf front are the most sought after hence can be expensive. So, if you're ready to have fun and own the property of your dreams check out everything in and around Santa Rosa Beach Florida!

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Top 3 Duties And Responsibilities Of A Property Manager If  you are on verge of hiring a property manager then know that several things are involved. There can also be the possibilty that you are exploring the field further for an in depth idea. If you have no idea that what this position demands from you then this article has got you covered with the essential details. You need to understand that responsibilities of property manager changes accoreding to the experience but then there are  certain responsibilty which all of them share. Let’s discuss some basic responsibilities which includes collection of rent and hunt for a tenant.  Let’s dig in into the top duties. 

Rent Responsibilities

You might be already aware of the fact that property management companies largely deal with rental matters. The work involves making the tenant agreee to certain terms and conditions. This responsibility also means that property management companies  own a great knowledge regarding the market value. They know that worth of the property in relation to the location. You might not be aware of the fact that property management companies  are often incharge of collecting the rent for the maximum cash flow. They ensure this maximizaing by setting forth a fixed date for collecting rent. Anyone who does not meet the deadline gets to pay a strict penalty. These property management companies  are also capable of adjusting the rent. According to the certain circumstances and conditions, the project managers can decrease the rent. But mostly the adjustment is in a form of increasing the yearly rent by a fixed percentage.

Responsibility Of Finding Suitable Tenants

Property managers also attract tenants. One of the role of property management companies  is to find a perfect fit for the place. It is the responsibilty of the company to adverse the space well. The companies are also incharge of showing different features of the place to the potential tenants.

Duty Of Screening The Tenants

Next, property management companies  are responsible for enureing smooth screening process. This process can be different depending on the requirements. The manager may have to run credit checks on the tenants. The company may also have to check the references and other verification detail like the proof of emploment.

Responsibility Of Maintenance And Repairs

The other duty of the property management companies  include manitaining and repairing the property. They need to make sure that parking and laundry is all up to the mark.  This routine maintenance is vital. If you are wondering that what is included in the routine checks then all the activities like pest removal and landscaping. The company must also check for the trash removal and other leakage problems. The managers often hire people for fixing such repairs and catering with other maintenance issues. You can get a good idea that how property management companies  own a great large network of reliable people. They have a quite resourceful list of plumbers, electricians and carpenters.

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What Exactly Does A Property Manager Do? What does a typical property manager do? Aside from dealing with angry clients all the time what are the other things that they do on a daily basis?

If you have ever wondered what exactly does a property manager does when you are at the right place today.

In this article, we are going to discuss the job description of a property manager and what the business of Property Management involves!

So, keep on reading to find out more information below about Property Management.

Things a Property Manager does:

 1. Geographic impediments:

 There are a lot of Geographic restrictions and limitations when it comes to a Property Management Business. For example, if you are residing in a particular city and you want to invest in a property in some other City far away then you are going to think twice about it. The reason behind this is that you do not have love knowledge about that particular city and the property price fluctuations going on in that particular City.

This is the time when you can completely rely on a property manager to do the Property Management job and tasks for you. Because property managers have enough knowledge and experience and they will assist you so that you can invest in different properties without any Geographic limitations and restrictions!

2. Legal laws and requirements:

 There is a landlord-tenant law that is completely different in the location you are residing in. This law can be quite complicated because it involves the rights and obligations of both parties which are landlord and tenant.

A common citizen who has not studied the law in such deep detail cannot have the required knowledge to deal with all the legal requirements and obligations that come with the property management business. So this is the time when a property manager shines. Property managers are equipped with enough knowledge about all the legal rules regulations, and the law.

 3. Maintenance:

 It is the responsibility of property managers to reply to the tenants on time whenever the tenants need any kind of maintenance done in their home.

 For example, if there is a plumbing issue going on in the tenant’s home then your property manager will have to respond to them immediately. Because it is the right of the tenants that they're well-being is not hurt by their surroundings as you are the property owner where they are residing.

 4. Cost:

 The maintenance of homes comes along with cost. The property managers are skilled in this regard and they know how to manage the maintenance of houses while staying in a restricted budget. Let's be honest that a common man does not have knowledge about the market and repair system.

 5. Marketing:

 The property managers know how to market the properties efficiently. They also have enough knowledge about the price fluctuations going on in the real estate market at all times because this is their job. So the property manager will be able to fill the vacancy faster.

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What Skills Should A Property Manager Have? There is immense competition out they especially in the field of Property Management. That is the reason why you need to be extra careful when you are looking to hire a Property Management for your Property Management Business.

Property manager has an in-depth knowledge about all the terminologies and fluctuations in the market of Property Management full stop that is why you should always hire a property manager to manage your property business and you should not try to do those things on your own because they are the ones who are professional in this regard.

However, there are certain skills that you should always look for when you are about to hire a property manager because you are going to put your business in their hands. You have every right to ensure that your business is in safe hands that is why we bring you this article today.

In this article, we are going to discuss the skills that you should look for in a property manager.

So keep on reading to find out more information below about Property Management!

Skills A Property Manager Should Have:

 1. Communication Skills:

 The first and the most important skill that you should look for in a property manager are excellent communication skills full stop it is a basic thing that they should have because if they do not have it then how are they supposed to communicate with the tenants?

If a property manager has amazing communication skills then they will be able to land turns of tenants for you and persuade them to choose your residential lot!

So communication skill is like a golden key for a property manager!

 2. Organization Skills:

 II skill that you should look for in a property manager is his organization skills. That is because Property Management is a hectic task and it involves a lot of hard work full stop there is also a lot of paperwork that is involved in this field. In such a situation the most important thing to do is to stay organized and be more realistic to manage things seamlessly.

 Property managers need to stay up to date about the status of a specific tenant about whether they have paid their rent or not.

An unorganized property manager will not be able to take a follow up of all their tenants that is why organizational skills are very important in the field of Property Management!

 3. Knowledge Of Law:

 A law regarding landlords and tenants exists under the court of law. It is not that simple to grasp and it is quite complicated. That is why when you are about to choose a property manager for your Property Management Business then you should look for a person who has a full grasp and knowledge of the landlord and tenant law of their specific region.

 4. Marketing Skills:

 When you are looking for a property manager make sure that you choose a person who has excellent marketing skills. With those skills, they will be able to market your property the best way possible out there!

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Why a New Construction Home Might Serve Your Needs Better Home buying can be a stressful and emotional process. You often are looking for months at multiple existing homes and have to deal with sellers and their baggage that comes along with every house you look at. It doesn’t help that 2020 has proved to be a seller’s market making existing homes continue to appreciate. 

But what if you could build your own home? Many think this dream is out of their reach because of preconceptions that newly built construction homes are ‘more expensive’. The reality is, there isn’t a huge price difference between existing homes and newly built homes. If you don’t believe this, check out newly built homes in Clermont, Florida for example. Check out these benefits of why a new construction will serve your housing needs better than an old home. 

Built Up To Recent Code 

One immediate benefit of looking at new homes is not having to worry about foundational problems. Oftentimes you’ll look at a house that’s 20 or even 30 years old, and realize that the house isn’t up to current construction code standards. If you decide to go with an older house, you need to plan on spending money on a contractor to fix the property. If you have the time, you can always DIY a home project with concrete form rentals. 

...Or, you can consider purchasing a new home that is built up to the most recent construction code standards, likely not requiring any major work. 

New Appliances and Big Ticket Items

Everyone knows the big ticket items to look out for when purchasing a home. Things like the water heater, AC units, roofing, and septic systems are all brand new. These can be the most costly if you unexpectedly have to perform maintenance or repairs on one of these things. New roofs can cost thousands of dollars, and appliances aren’t exactly cheap either. 

This is where newly built homes win. You never have to worry about if you’re adopting a house with little life left in the AC unit. Everything is recently built, new, and ready to live in. You won’t have to worry about replacing your roof or appliances for 10+ years. If you do however own a property with a septic tank, be sure to properly maintain it with septic tank pumping services to get the most life out of it. 

More Control In Your Decision Making 

Perhaps one of the funnest benefits you’ll receive is the ability to help design your house while it’s being built. It depends on if the construction company allows you to make decisions, but if they do, you should consider designing the property to your liking. This will help you literally create the house you want. 

It’s also nice to have options in your home buying process. Typically, newly built homes will be priced competitively with other homes that are similar, but older and not new. It’s never a bad idea to have more options on the table so you make the right decision for your family. You need to consider location, price, and house style when home shopping, whether it’s in a new construction home or an existing home. 

Find A New Home Today!

Next time you’re out looking at homes, look at newly built houses! They can serve you in unique ways and give you more peace of mind when shopping. And if there’s not any homes available, there’s no shame in waiting longer for the market to pull back or to wait for sellers to list their homes. 

If you find yourself in this position, try using BrixBid the next time you’re looking for an apartment. Their platform can help you save money by bidding on different apartments. 

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How The Buy-to-Let Property Market Has Changed During the Pandemic

Since the very start of the COVID-19 pandemic, many different industries have been negatively affected in ways that no one could have predicted, none more so than the property market, especially the buy-to-let sector. However, as the UK lockdown has been lifted and social distancing measures eased, the buy-to-let sector is now showing positive signs of recovery. Whilst it's going to take a considerable amount of time before everything returns back to normal, this slow recovery is a good sign for investors, landlords and tenants. 

So, if you are interested in learning more about the buy-to-let industry after reading this article (whether you are a tenant or investor looking to market your properties), we highly recommend getting in touch with home estate agents based in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex. They are a close-knit team of property specialists who can help and advise you, making the whole process as simple and stress-free as possible.

How The Buy-to-Let Market Has Changed

During the first quarter of this year, many different types of buy-to-let products were removed from the property market. This was a big blow to buy-to-let landlords who were already struggling to secure mortgages as the pandemic worsened in the UK. In fact, many landlords struggled to secure relevant mortgage products and many applications were withdrawn mid-process. 

However, that wasn't the worst of it. The market was hugely affected by the lack of demand from tenants looking for properties. Throughout February, March and April when the pandemic was reaching its peak, the majority of tenants couldn't afford new rental properties. This further aided the buy-to-let market's decline. 

How Has The Market Recovered So Far?

As we enter the 2nd half of 2020, buy-to-let product numbers have rapidly increased due to lenders putting a focus on new and existing borrowers. This, in turn, means that landlords with long-term views will largely benefit due to the increase in mortgage options. However, whilst this slow road to recovery is positive for both landlords and investors alike, the true economic impact of COVID-19 remains to be seen. This means that the future of the buy-to-let market is still quite uncertain at this point in time.

With this being said, there is an opportunity (for those who are able to) to expand their portfolios by taking advantage of the reduced property prices. If investors and landlords do decide they want to do this, they should do so quickly due to the steady pace at which the buy-to-let market is recovering. It would also be a good idea to seek professional advice from an experienced team of property specialists. They will have a much better understanding of the options available to tenants and landlords in the current climate.

Moving Forward

Ultimately, as we mentioned during this article, the buy-to-let market still faces some uncertain times as the UK continues to navigate its way out of this pandemic. And, this is going to cause problems for landlords and investors. However, whilst a steady recovery is expected to continue, landlords and investors need to monitor the current situation with a close eye together with any new regulations the government may introduce to help kick-start the economy. 

Should New Investors Put Money into Buy-to-Let?

Buy-to-let property has and will always remain as a popular addition to many investor's portfolios up and down the country. Why? Because property performs at its best as part of a long-term investment strategy. So, as the buy-to-let market continues its path to recovery, it's no surprise that investors are continuing to put their money into it. 

Buy-to-let will always be an attractive investment because of its ability to deliver 2 different income streams; passive income and capital growth. Passive income is key to investors because of the ways it can be adapted. It can help to supplement a pension pot or contribute to an inheritance fund. It's also very easy to understand and open up many opportunities for investors too.

So, back to the question, should new investors put money into buy-to-let? Well, this does certainly depend on their circumstances and personal investment strategies. But, despite the pandemic, the buy-to-let market presents a huge opportunity. If investors are looking for long-term growth, stable yields and a "brick and mortar" asset that can be leveraged, then buy-to-let property can be a great investment to make. 

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What Successful Properties Are Doing Right During COVID With all the risks the current global pandemic poses, it’s hard to imagine any industry touting best practices to keep thriving in the economic sense. Many businesses are merely treading water, with keeping one’s head above the water seeming to be the order of the day.

However, there are certain industry practices that stand out as not just practical, but life-changing, as well. This is especially true with real estate. With lockdowns and sheltering-in-place policies, how can one ensure that their property will be safe from pandemics and disasters - current and future?

Ensure proper drainage and plumbing

Apart from ensuring free-flowing water to help residents sanitize (and wash their hands) at all times, proper plumbing holds the key to preventing widespread infection among neighbors.

Those who dwell in residential complexes and living next door to each other might have a false sense of security being surrounded by their own four walls. However, faulty bathroom drains and plumbing could help spread the virus from one unit to another. Smartly-designed plumbing - especially for high-rises and apartment complexes - can ensure that water flows smoothly from each unit to the main building’s drain without spreading anything harmful among residents.

Maintain adequate air circulation and filtration system

Air filtration systems can drastically reduce the risk of spreading airborne diseases - provided they are regularly maintained. Even upscale properties tout air filtration and thermostat control, boasting of high-efficiency filters that screen for microscopic particles. Those buildings that use lower-grade filters (with a MERV rating lower than 13) cannot control airborne particles and are therefore more susceptible to recycling contaminated air.

However, getting high-tech air filters brand-new is vastly different from having them still working optimally several years down the line. Regular maintenance is key to keeping a home or property free from harmful viruses and other airborne diseases. Building managers should be strict about consistently cleaning and maintaining air filter systems, or at least look into providing air purifiers for tenants to help keep the air circulating properly. 

Provide appropriate ventilation

Fresh air is still your best bet when it comes to proper ventilation. This means windows that allow air to flow freely while keeping out harmful pollutants, and vents that are strategically placed to keep air circulating adequately. Aside from providing much-needed natural light, fresh air can keep indoor areas from smelling and becoming stale (and consequently, allowing viruses to linger indoors longer).

Kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas of the house where “bad air” is likely to exist should all have windows, no matter how tiny, to keep air recirculating. In lieu of this, an exhaust fan could do the trick - but nothing beats the function and reliability of a good, old-fashioned window that opens and shuts.

Regularly disinfect public area surfaces

Even without a pandemic wreaking havoc on the way people normally live, disinfecting public spaces should be a given. This should be especially true with high-rise residential buildings and apartment blocks that have elevators and other potentially congested areas.

There should be regularly scheduled disinfecting of waiting areas, elevators, entryways, lobbies, shops, and other places with constant foot traffic. Apart from spraying with disinfectants, scheduled maintenance should also include carefully wiping down surfaces that typically get touched several times a day, such as banisters, elevator keypads, doorbells or buzzers, public doors and gates, lounge tables and chairs, etc.

Install handwashing stations and disinfectant mats

Residents and homeowners can wear masks, gloves, and face shields to protect themselves and others. A property manager can give their protection a further boost by installing disinfectant accessories throughout the building or complex for easy access and use.

There are now hands-free hand sanitizer dispensers that use foot pedals so there’s no need to touch any surface while cleaning one’s hands. For outdoor areas, the use of large stomp mats - rubber pads that are soaked in a disinfectant solution to help clean the soles of shoes - could help eliminate the spread of viruses and germs from getting into homes.

To minimize (or hopefully eliminate altogether) the effects of COVID-19 and other diseases, a property has to go back to the basics of sound architecture and engineering. An ounce of prevention is still worth a pound of cure, after all. But even older properties can upgrade some vital things to address this pandemic for current and future considerations.

Bio: Elisha Finman is an experienced RE executive proficient in operations, finances and team building. His track record includes managing a portfolio of New York City multifamily residential buildings. Skilled in all areas of RE management including setting rents, leases, collections and legal, evictions, violations hpd-dob-ecb, building maintenance and instituting cost savings and efficiency measures.

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Why Do Landlords Use Letting Agents One thing is for sure, there is an intense love-hate relationship with real estate agencies. If your budget is running low, or you're just passing through that city, you may find it hard to understand why do you have to pay so much every time you move. Or you may be the type of person who thinks that things are only done well if you do them yourself. But others may decide to search through a real estate agent that will get them better value for money with their negotiating skills. It may also be that the property letting agentsoffer you additional services that make things easier for you.

That said, depending on your goals and expectations, calling a real estate agent may or may not be a good idea.


First, you must decide what you want. What you should think about is do you want to rent or buy? How long are you going to stay there How much can you afford How much credit can you ask for? How much bargaining power do you have? Do you know anything about the real estate market? Do you know the area

It is generally important to have a realistic view of your situation and what you can and cannot do. Based on that and whether you want to rent or buy, you can start taking stock of the pros and cons.


As a general rule, if you are looking to rent an apartment, you can do practically everything on your own. In fact, if you have had the time and the desire, by the time you speak to your agent, you may have already investigated the neighborhoods where you want to live. So, there is no point to it.

But if you don't have a lot of time to do the searching, or you have to move to an unknown place, then, of course, you should go to an agent. Also, if you are interested in luxury properties or new construction, contacting the owner directly may be difficult or even impossible. If you are sure of what you want and can afford it, go to a real estate agency.


If you are interested in buying a property, doing it all on your own can be somewhat more complicated (but not impossible). Most countries allow people to buy real estate without agency intervention but check your rules to be sure.

On the other hand, you should take this matter very seriously and you will have to do a lot by yourself, like doing all the critical work and know the market like the back of your hand. All this will mean that when you face the seller, you will have the necessary negotiating power so that they do not take advantage of you.

An alternative would be to hire one of theproperty letting agents. They will defend your interests in contracts and papers without any conflict of interest. In addition, it may be cheaper because they charge by the hour and not by commission. Read more about this type of lawyer here.

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Branson Real Estate Market during COVID-19 How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected Homes for Sale in Branson MO?  It doesn’t seem to have affected it at all!   Homes are selling very quickly.  Inventory is low and it’s hard to find homes for people that are looking. 

Some popular style homes in the Branson area are Condos and Cabins/Chalets.  They are numerous due to the fact that this is a vacation destination for over eight million visitors every year.  Many people buy these homes for personal use when they come to visit – but many others buy them to rent out on a nightly or weekly basis. 

Condos for Sale in Branson MO

From January 1, 2020 through June 30, 2020, there were 347 condos closed with an average sales price of $145,114.  With the average days on the market of 84, they were sold with an average price per square foot of $111.32.  Condos for Sale in Branson MO come in all sizes and price ranges from well under $100,000 to $750,000 and more.  There are currently 264 condos available for sale in the Branson area of Stone and Taney counties.  Many of these beautiful condos are on one of Branson’s three lakes.  Table Rock Lake is a very popular place to live. 

Let’s compare this to the same time frame in 2019.  The first half of 2019 saw 388 units closed, with an average sales price of $136,934.  This reflects a healthy price increase of 6% from the same time period in 2019.

Branson MO Cabins for sale

Cabins and Chalets in Branson are also selling well.   During the first half of 2020, there were 39 cabins/chalets sold with an average sales price of $234,607.  This reflects an average price per square foot of $138.79 with 99 days on the market.  You can buy a cabin or chalet in Stone or Taney counties for under $50,000 or easily spend $750,000.  Which lifestyle is your style?  There are currently 43 cabins/chalets available for sale in the Branson area.  This low inventory means that we will have to search deeper to find what you’re looking for.  And, unfortunately,  it may take longer to find it.

2019 saw 53 cabins closed with an average sales price of $238,64.  This reflects more cabins sold than in the first half of 2020.  The average price per square foot was $115.96 with 111 days on the market.  You can find everything from a fishing cabin to a large luxury home loosely called a cabin only because it’s constructed of wood and stone.  But, they certainly are beautiful. 

I’m an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent in the Branson area and would love to help you find your dream home!  It’s a great place to retire or have a vacation home that’s all yours anytime you want to visit.  The shows and entertainment are awesome and nature activities are endless with walking/hiking trails, parks and outdoor activities.  Table Rock Lake, Lake Taneycomo and Bull Shoals lakes provide all the fishing, boating and water fun you can imagine.   We welcome you to the Ozarks!!  Branson is open again from COVID-19 and ready to entertain you.

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Moving to a Small Town Moving to a small town can be a challenge if you are accustomed to big city living, so you can expect some culture-shock.  I’ve never lived in a huge city, but I did move from the Nashville TN area to Branson MO

I’ve never once missed sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic, or being in huge crowds with everyone impatient and being in a hurry.  I like being able to go to work or shopping without all the traffic delays.  I like the slower pace and friendlier people.  I enjoy the peace and beauty of the Ozarks. 

The beauty of living in the Branson area is that although it’s a very small town, it’s also a tourist destination with eight million visitors a year.  This combination gives us great restaurants and entertainment that you normally wouldn’t find when moving to a small town.  It’s a very simple thing to move to one of the tiny towns near Branson and have the peace and quiet of small-town living – but minutes from  all the excitement and fun in Branson.  There are many towns nearby with populations of 900-2,500 people. 

There are plenty of grocery stores, shopping, schools, hospitals and restaurants in most of the nearby communities, but not often within walking distance.  You can live in a gated subdivision or in the country with several acres.  It all depends on your family and the lifestyle you want. 

Homes for Sale in Branson MO come in all sizes, styles and price ranges.  From Cabins to Condos to Luxury Homes on one of our three lakes, you can have what you want. How about living on one of our awesome golf courses?   A few of our communities on nearby lakes are Hollister, Forsyth, Branson West and Kimberling City. 

Tips for Moving to a Small Town

  • You first have to make the decision to move and understand that you’ll have a different lifestyle.
  • What about a job? Can you work from home?  Or do you have a skill that you can put to use in a small town?
  • Schools? There are a few private schools,  but most are public schools.  Or perhaps you plan to homeschool? 
  • Medical Care? Do you need to be close to hospitals and medical care?  This would have an impact on where you move.  The Branson area has several great medical facilities. 
  • What are your motivating factors? Do you want a self-sufficient home with a few acres, do you want a secluded cabin, or do you want to live in town with many of the conveniences that you are now accustomed to. 

Moving from a Big City to a Small Town

Yes, it’s an adjustment, but it can be well-worth it.  Many lake homes in this area are more affordable than you think.  Imagine living a lifestyle where you feel like you’re on vacation all the time. 

There’s not a convenience store on every corner or a coffee shop just down the block, but the easy lifestyle is more than worth it.  You might actually get to know your neighbors and have time to take walks or hikes in the beautiful Ozarks!

I’m Pam Rumley, Broker Branson Edge Realtors,  an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent for the Branson MO real estate area in the Ozarks.  Please call me with any questions you have.  615-428-8500

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Real Estate Tips for First-Time Land Property Buyer Buying a piece of land can be a very worthy investment. You can cultivate, develop, build a house, or sell it to interested buyers at a price that you want.

For first timers, buying land can be exciting, if not to say, an overwhelming experience. You have to check your emotions, though, because this endeavor involves lots of money. Certainly, you don't want to spend a considerable sum of cash on a no-good property.

For a little help in purchasing your first land, here are some real estate tips that you should keep in mind.

Know What You Want to Do with the Land

Land buyers have different reasons for buying a parcel of land. They either want to use it for recreation, cultivate it as a farm, build a house on it, or develop it as an investment property.

You have to figure out your reason why you need to buy land in the first place. In this way, you’ll have an idea of what type of land you should purchase and how much your budget would be.

In figuring out your purpose of buying land, you'll also discover the pros and cons of being a land property owner. There will be additional expenses, such as insurance and property taxes, that you need to cover. If you purchase land beyond the city limits, likely, you won't find utilities that you're used to in the city.

But, as mentioned earlier, buying land is an excellent investment as you have the opportunity to profit from it when its market value goes up.

Know Your Budget

Aside from the property’s price, there are also extra expenses that you have to consider when buying land. Additional costs like property taxes will surely have a dent on your budget. In some places, the property tax rates are higher than in other areas, which might influence where to purchase a land property.

So, look for land in places that have affordable tax rates. Always include extra expenses in your budget. Also, keep in mind that the bigger the land you buy, the higher it will cost you (that’s a no-brainer, really).

Of course, you can also contact a lender to get a mortgage to finance your land purchase. Make sure to ask your lender for a pre-approval so that you won’t have problems when you talk about price with the seller.

Your lender is also a big help in giving you a mortgage amount that suits your income volume and frequency. So, It’s crucial to get in touch with a lender that specializes in land mortgages. Do your research or ask your realtor where you can find such a type of lender.

Work with a Realtor

Hiring a realtor saves you time and effort when looking for a piece of land to buy. Look for a realtor who has the expertise and experience in dealing with land properties. It’s because there’s a difference between buying land and purchasing a house.

The real estate professional you'll hire must be well-versed in land deals. He/she must know how the land market works and where to find the best land property that suits your needs. Some buyers buy land without representation to avoid paying for a commission, but working with a realtor proves to be an advantageous approach.

Realtors have access to real estate databases, such as multiple listing services, to help you find the best parcel of land that you’re looking for.

Consider Zoning Requirements, Easements, and Environmental Issues

There are various considerations that you should look into when buying land. For example, you should consider zoning requirements to ensure that you can use the land according to its purpose.

Lands are zoned into commercial, industrial, recreational, agricultural, and residential. Obviously, you can't develop a recreational park in a land that's meant for agricultural use. Ask your realtor or research about the property you're interested in so that you won't have any issues with zoning.

Moreover, you need to determine if the land comes with a legal right of access. This consideration is crucial to avoid problems with other landowners in the area. A lack of legal access can have a very negative impact on the value of a land property.

You must also look for any environmental problems. Some land properties have issues with smell or toxicity, which can affect their future use.

Work with a Trusted Title Company to Close the Deal

Upon closing the deal, go to a trusted title company to ensure that the land title is legitimate. When purchasing land, it's also a must to get title insurance to protect you from financial losses caused by a defective land title.

Aside from working with a title company, you can also opt to hire an attorney to handle the paperwork work for you. But it would be best if you worked with an attorney whose focus is on real estate deals.


Make sure to follow the tips in this article if you plan to purchase land for the first time. These tips can be a big help to find the property that's right for you and ensure that your real estate transaction won't have problems.

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How to Protect your Vacation Rental Property During the Coronavirus Outbreak There are many benefits that can come from owning a vacation rental property. When managed correctly, these properties can produce steady incomes and will also appreciate in value over time.

As a result of the recent coronavirus outbreak in the United States, many people have begun canceling their vacations. Fortunately, for Scottsdale, Arizona residents, “The Arizona Department of Health Services considers the spread of the COVID-19 virus “minimal,” and rates the current level of community risk “low.” However, while Scottsdale has not been affected as badly as elsewhere, the outbreak of the disease in nearby California has diminished an otherwise reliable supply of tourists.

It is difficult to sugarcoat this current troubling situation. In addition to the dozens of deaths in the United States, countless sporting events, conferences, and concerts have been postponed or canceled altogether. For the time being, many vacation rental owners are likely to experience some cash flow challenges. But just because a temporary decline is inevitable, that doesn’t mean you should give up altogether; there are still quite a few things that can be done to separate your vacation rental property from the rest of the competition.

In this article, we will discuss how vacation property rental owners can effectively address the effects of the coronavirus. By keeping these helpful tips in mind, your property can continue generating at least some income and you also will be better prepared for once the outbreak comes to an end.

Hire a Vacation Property Management Team

If you are like many vacation rental property owners, you are probably quite overwhelmed with how quickly this virus has begun affecting the industry. While you may want to do all the increased cleaning efforts, guest communications, and guest management tasks on your own, you’d likely be much better off hiring a company with the infrastructure in place to help.

By working with a vacation property management company, you can pass off the stress of this situation onto a professional firm that has the experience and capacity to help. They’ll help you do things such as rework your pricing model, make sure every home is absolutely clean, and continue attracting guests in the future. Even once this temporary problem has subsided, they will still be able to offer ample value.

Make Cleaning a Top Priority

Deep cleaning your rental property between guests is not only the morally wise thing to do, but it is also the financially wise thing to do as well. Even if your property management company already goes through great lengths to keep the place clean (as they should), you should make an active effort to increase your cleaning efforts even further. Using masks and gloves, wiping down all surfaces (even ones that don’t appear to be dirty), and changing all sheets and towels will be expected for all vacation rental homes. Your guests are, rightfully, going to want to know that they will be safe in your home—it will be up to you to prove that you are taking extra measures in order to make sure this happens.

Communicate Clearly with Already Booked Guests

Communicating with guests will be very important because, naturally, they probably have quite a few questions. Even if your upcoming guests haven’t contacted you yet, it will be a good idea to initiate the dialogue yourself and reach directly out to them. Send a message letting them know that their stay is still scheduled and further explain how you are accommodating the current situation (discounts, increased cleaning, etc.), and further explain what your refund policy is. These are topics that the guests are likely to approach you with themselves; you should also pay close attention to which events are being canceled, which golf courses are closing, and other major changes occurring in and around Scottsdale.

Give Guests an Incentive to Reschedule, Rather than Cancel

The coronavirus has had a major impact on the travel industry and, as a result, up to 40 percent of flights have been canceled. Consequently, many vacations, including some Spring Break trips to Scottsdale are being canceled and, in many situations, you will need to refund your guests. However, rather than automatically issuing a refund, you may be better off offering a discount for a future stay. So instead of giving 100 percent of the money back, consider offering 120 percent of it back with the condition that it ill be used at your property in the future. This helps you keep the business you’ve already earned while also offering your guests a unique opportunity for savings. Win-win.

Emphasize Isolation/Seclusion

Many people living in the areas most affected by the outbreak, including San Francisco, Washington, and New York, are actually looking to get away from their chaotic situation and spend some time in the less affected parts of the country. This means that places such as Scottsdale, Arizona have become especially attractive. If your vacation rental property is a large home that is not particularly near any neighbors, now might be an excellent opportunity to attract some additional guests.

Increase Your Marketing Efforts

With many people either working from home or not working at all due to the coronavirus, there is no denying that the average person is currently spending even more time on the internet than they usually do. Additionally, with clouds and gloom all around us, many people are taking steps to begin planning a future vacation.

While it may be tempting to cut back on your marketing efforts in light of recent events, now is actually the perfect time to expand these efforts and reach a broader audience. Social media, rental platforms, and other outlets are all excellent platforms for advertising your property. Take the opportunity to showcase your home and become the highlight of a future guest’s newsfeed.

Conclusion - Protecting Your Vacation Rental Property During the Pandemic

The coronavirus has already had a major impact on the world and has complicated many people’s plans for upcoming vacations. As a vacation rental property owner, you are likely worried about the impact this outbreak will have on your property’s cash flows. While a minor loss may be unavoidable, by working with the right vacation rental property management team and taking the other actions included in this article, you will still find yourself in a position for success.

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Reasons to trust a real estate agency in times of COVID-19 Do you want to buy or sell a house or are you looking to invest in real estate to build? During COVID-19, investing in real estate can be challenging, especially if you don't get professional advice.

Therefore, it is essential to know if the real estate agencies because they are reliable to proceed with the process of buying or selling a home.

It is the obvious thing that you need a best consultant for selling a home and for ZemBuilders in Islamabad Pakistan is the best option for you.

Because ZemBuilders is the best consultant company present in Islamabad Pakistan and with this they also provide you with the planning and interior designing services.

If you are looking to sell or expand your assets, here are 5 reasons to trust a real estate agency. Take note!

What are the reasons to trust a real estate agency in COVID-19 times?

  • Streamline the buying and selling process
  • They have experience in the sector
  • They manage a privileged database
  • Save time for buyers
  • They offer security and confidentiality

Streamline the buying and selling process:

One of the reasons that real estate agencies offer confidence is because they streamline the process of buying and selling a property during or after COVID-19 since they have the necessary tools to proceed with the corresponding procedures such as:

  • Locate a property based on your budget and needs through a personalized catalog or through a real estate portal
  • Provide guidance on the value of properties in the current market.
  • Provide attention to request a mortgage loan, such as prequalification consultation, documentation review and a guide on the operation of different schemes.
  • Carry out the negotiation between the buyer and seller to reach a common agreement.
  • Review the documentation of the seller and buyer to finalize the sale.

In this way, the professional will guide you from the beginning to the end of the purchase or sale of the property.

They have experience in the sector:

A reliable real estate agency has the years of experience in the real estate sector to be able to fulfil the process of buying and selling a home or other procedures that those interested need.

In addition, a professional in the real estate sector of a secure real estate company is always in constant training to know the best areas to invest in real estate and the changes that arise in the market, such as whether the interest rates of a mortgage loan rise or fall or which one it is the best financing.

They manage a privileged database:

If you are looking to buy or sell a property during or after the health contingency, the best option is to hire a trusted real estate agency, since it not only has a wide catalog of properties for sale and rent but also offers data on the contact of construction companies and professionals, moving and freight services, among others.

Save time for buyers:

Another reason to hire a reliable real estate agent is that they help you save time searching for properties or prospects if you want to sell a house or apartment. In this way, the professional will attend and filter calls, with the intention of offering a more automated service.

Likewise, it will schedule visits to the properties of interest at the times that you can attend and that do not interfere with your work schedule or extracurricular activities, since they promise to have the flexibility and availability to meet your needs.

They offer security and confidentiality:

When you decide to buy or sell a property in Bahria Town Islamabad Pakistan or any other place, you should be aware that you will have to sign contracts, deliver documents and provide personal information, such as your credit information, so a reliable real estate agent must guarantee security and confidentiality throughout the property's sale and purchase process. avoid real estate fraud.

After any operation carried out by the advisor, you will have to request the resolution period of each procedure and if you have any doubts, requests or problems that arise, you should let the professional know. Remember that your job is to provide a comprehensive service through personalized advice.

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Reasons to Hire a Company for Grass Cutting – Local Mow My Lawn Help Mostly, we get to read DIY posts on how to maintain the lawn, which is quite impressive. But there are few stages in your lawn maintenance DIY cannot beat.

One of these few stages is grass cutting, which requires a lot of time and all your physical strength. Sometimes, you may not have the time or strength to carry out this arduous task, but you still desire an immaculate lawn.

The best solution to this is to hire company which is good at grass cutting. In no time and at no huge cost, your grass will be out of the way. If you are still not sure if you need to hire Suns Out Lawn Care for this task, check out these reasons to hire a company for grass cutting.

  1. It’s a time saver

If the significant obstacle to cutting your grass by yourself is because you are always on the go and you can't even dedicate an hour of you time, it is a sign that the best you can do for your lawn is to hire a grass cutting company.

If you do have to cut the grass yourself, you will need invest many hours, especially if you own a large lawn. First, you will dedicate hours to research and intensely read long articles on the internet; to identify the exact needs of your lawn for grass cutting.

Then you will invest time to visit the stores to purchase some equipment and a few other tools you may need to perfect the work. Finally, you will spend perhaps recurring weeks to be committed to cutting the grass, packing and clearing to continue the maintenance of the lawn.

If you consider these steps to be taken, then calculate the time needed. Do you think you have that time to commit?

In contrast, it will only take you the maximum of an hour, to research and phone the best nearby company to cut your grass.

  1. It’s not a permanent deal

Do you believe that hiring a company for grass cutting means that you have signed a long-term deal with them? If yes, then you are not alone. But, it’s not always true, and there is a way to go about it the right way.

What you need to do is to search for an expert grass cutting company that does not require a long-term deal or contract. This strategy will help you avoid putting yourself in a long-term deal with the company.

Besides, you can end the deal if you are not satisfied with service, and you won’t be fined for doing so.  You may also decide to keep them around until you no longer need their services.

  1. It reduces cost

This may sound unrealistic, but that’s the truth. When you hire a company for grass cutting, you have just reduced cost. Let's check it out from this angle; the company will finance its operating costs with the amount of work they do.

On the other hand, you don't have a massive lawn to care for like them. So, it will be unnecessary and too pricey for you to buy the type of high-end equipment and supplies they will use to cater to your lawn.

By outsourcing this job, you save yourself the cost of purchasing equipment and other necessities required for lawn care. 

  1. Give your lawn a better look

The look will undoubtedly be different if you hire a company for grass cutting. It's not that you won't do an excellent job on your lawn, but it will surely look better in the hands of the professional. This is due to the high-grade professional equipment they will use to do the work for you, which you may not have access to. Even if you have access to them, you may not know how to operate them.  And learning to do so will require a lot of practice and time.

  1. Grass love sharp blades

Do you even know that grasses love the feeling of sharp blades on them than blunt or fairly blunt ones? This is one of the secrets that a company identifies, and they do no underrate it. Even if you have sharp equipment, they cannot be as sharp as the company's blades.

Since they use it for their business, their blades are more likely to be kept sharp at all times. This is different from you who may cut your grass less frequently and at your leisure.

  1. For perfect grass cutting

There is another thing a company will do when they cut your grass which you may find difficult to accomplish.  That’s the height of grass cutting. You may desire a particular height for your entire or a part of your lawn which you may find very hard to achieve. But a professional will do this correctly and successfully with ease, at no extra cost. More so, it’s good to maintain a certain grass height to get rid of weeds naturally.

  1. Liability

Great grass cutting companies will surely be licensed and insured. This means you don’t have to be concerned about liability. They are expected to handle all chemicals and equipment with care. So as not to cause injury or damage on anybody or the environment they are working on. If accidentally, things go wrong; the company's insurance will take care of the damage done.

In addition, there are some chemicals you may not be advised to handle which will be safe in the hands of an expert, such as strong pesticides, fertilizers and other powerful chemicals to care for your lawn.


Some people love to cut grass by themselves at all cost, even if its time consuming or expensive. If you are one of them, then it is not a bad idea and you may want to keep at it.

But if you do prefer to hire a company for grass cutting because you don't have the time and stress to invest in it. Then it is also not a bad idea.  There are many benefits they offer which we have covered in the article above.

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