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How to Choose the Right Estate Agent

Choosing the right estate agent can be a difficult task. There are lots of them around, but how do you know which is the right one for you? Here are some tips to help you in making the right choice:

Ask people you know for advice and feedback on agents they have recently used. Firsthand accounts are the best method of surmising the quality of an estate agent. By getting unbiased, quality advice from someone who has been there before, you can guarantee, with peace of mind, the integrity of your chosen agents. Alongside this, check out your local paper and see which estate agents are listed more frequently in your local housing supplement. This is another great way of seeking out the best agents for your area. Remember, if they’re getting the majority of business, they must be doing something right.

On the simplest level, keep an eye out for boards outside houses. Take into account the frequency of sightings of particular company’s boards and balance that with the amount of ‘sold’ and ‘for sale’ markers. Obviously the more ‘sold’ markers you see for a particular agents the better, but if you see a lot of signs for a one agents in particular, regardless of the marker, surely that has to be a good sign as well?

Read online reviews and comments about the agent. A bad reputation has to come from somewhere, and if you read more than one negative customer review then it is best to take heed.
Once you’ve decided on an agent and are reading over contracts and selling fees remember to read the small print. You don’t want to end up paying additional costs or miss information on release fees and the like.

When negotiating said fees, remember that money is what drives business for estate agents. Bear in mind that if the money is not there, you might not be getting the best service from your agent; it’s sad but true. Provide incentives for the speed of sale and the price they garner and don’t agree to pay a full fee for less a poor sale price and/or less than adequate service.

Choosing an estate agent can be tricky, but if you implement a strategy like the one described above it is unlikely that you will have any major problems. The most important thing to remember is to keep your nerve, keep your cool and don’t sign or agree to anything unless you are totally happy with whatever it may be. Don’t feel obliged to do anything; it’s your money at stake! A quick home sale is always in your interest, and choosing an agent with a proven track record who is popular in your area is the best way to achieve this.

Greg O’Hara is a second year university student and writer. He runs his own blog with regular readership and is a contributing writer and illustrator for a number of independent publications.

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