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Why Do Landlords Use Letting Agents

One thing is for sure, there is an intense love-hate relationship with real estate agencies. If your budget is running low, or you're just passing through that city, you may find it hard to understand why do you have to pay so much every time you move. Or you may be the type of person who thinks that things are only done well if you do them yourself. But others may decide to search through a real estate agent that will get them better value for money with their negotiating skills. It may also be that the property letting agentsoffer you additional services that make things easier for you.

That said, depending on your goals and expectations, calling a real estate agent may or may not be a good idea.


First, you must decide what you want. What you should think about is do you want to rent or buy? How long are you going to stay there How much can you afford How much credit can you ask for? How much bargaining power do you have? Do you know anything about the real estate market? Do you know the area

It is generally important to have a realistic view of your situation and what you can and cannot do. Based on that and whether you want to rent or buy, you can start taking stock of the pros and cons.


As a general rule, if you are looking to rent an apartment, you can do practically everything on your own. In fact, if you have had the time and the desire, by the time you speak to your agent, you may have already investigated the neighborhoods where you want to live. So, there is no point to it.

But if you don't have a lot of time to do the searching, or you have to move to an unknown place, then, of course, you should go to an agent. Also, if you are interested in luxury properties or new construction, contacting the owner directly may be difficult or even impossible. If you are sure of what you want and can afford it, go to a real estate agency.


If you are interested in buying a property, doing it all on your own can be somewhat more complicated (but not impossible). Most countries allow people to buy real estate without agency intervention but check your rules to be sure.

On the other hand, you should take this matter very seriously and you will have to do a lot by yourself, like doing all the critical work and know the market like the back of your hand. All this will mean that when you face the seller, you will have the necessary negotiating power so that they do not take advantage of you.

An alternative would be to hire one of theproperty letting agents. They will defend your interests in contracts and papers without any conflict of interest. In addition, it may be cheaper because they charge by the hour and not by commission. Read more about this type of lawyer here.

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