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Moving to a Small Town

Moving to a small town can be a challenge if you are accustomed to big city living, so you can expect some culture-shock.  I’ve never lived in a huge city, but I did move from the Nashville TN area to Branson MO

I’ve never once missed sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic, or being in huge crowds with everyone impatient and being in a hurry.  I like being able to go to work or shopping without all the traffic delays.  I like the slower pace and friendlier people.  I enjoy the peace and beauty of the Ozarks. 

The beauty of living in the Branson area is that although it’s a very small town, it’s also a tourist destination with eight million visitors a year.  This combination gives us great restaurants and entertainment that you normally wouldn’t find when moving to a small town.  It’s a very simple thing to move to one of the tiny towns near Branson and have the peace and quiet of small-town living – but minutes from  all the excitement and fun in Branson.  There are many towns nearby with populations of 900-2,500 people. 

There are plenty of grocery stores, shopping, schools, hospitals and restaurants in most of the nearby communities, but not often within walking distance.  You can live in a gated subdivision or in the country with several acres.  It all depends on your family and the lifestyle you want. 

Homes for Sale in Branson MO come in all sizes, styles and price ranges.  From Cabins to Condos to Luxury Homes on one of our three lakes, you can have what you want. How about living on one of our awesome golf courses?   A few of our communities on nearby lakes are Hollister, Forsyth, Branson West and Kimberling City. 

Tips for Moving to a Small Town

  • You first have to make the decision to move and understand that you’ll have a different lifestyle.
  • What about a job? Can you work from home?  Or do you have a skill that you can put to use in a small town?
  • Schools? There are a few private schools,  but most are public schools.  Or perhaps you plan to homeschool? 
  • Medical Care? Do you need to be close to hospitals and medical care?  This would have an impact on where you move.  The Branson area has several great medical facilities. 
  • What are your motivating factors? Do you want a self-sufficient home with a few acres, do you want a secluded cabin, or do you want to live in town with many of the conveniences that you are now accustomed to. 

Moving from a Big City to a Small Town

Yes, it’s an adjustment, but it can be well-worth it.  Many lake homes in this area are more affordable than you think.  Imagine living a lifestyle where you feel like you’re on vacation all the time. 

There’s not a convenience store on every corner or a coffee shop just down the block, but the easy lifestyle is more than worth it.  You might actually get to know your neighbors and have time to take walks or hikes in the beautiful Ozarks!

I’m Pam Rumley, Broker Branson Edge Realtors,  an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent for the Branson MO real estate area in the Ozarks.  Please call me with any questions you have.  615-428-8500

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