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Why a New Construction Home Might Serve Your Needs Better

Home buying can be a stressful and emotional process. You often are looking for months at multiple existing homes and have to deal with sellers and their baggage that comes along with every house you look at. It doesn’t help that 2020 has proved to be a seller’s market making existing homes continue to appreciate. 

But what if you could build your own home? Many think this dream is out of their reach because of preconceptions that newly built construction homes are ‘more expensive’. The reality is, there isn’t a huge price difference between existing homes and newly built homes. If you don’t believe this, check out newly built homes in Clermont, Florida for example. Check out these benefits of why a new construction will serve your housing needs better than an old home. 

Built Up To Recent Code 

One immediate benefit of looking at new homes is not having to worry about foundational problems. Oftentimes you’ll look at a house that’s 20 or even 30 years old, and realize that the house isn’t up to current construction code standards. If you decide to go with an older house, you need to plan on spending money on a contractor to fix the property. If you have the time, you can always DIY a home project with concrete form rentals. 

...Or, you can consider purchasing a new home that is built up to the most recent construction code standards, likely not requiring any major work. 

New Appliances and Big Ticket Items

Everyone knows the big ticket items to look out for when purchasing a home. Things like the water heater, AC units, roofing, and septic systems are all brand new. These can be the most costly if you unexpectedly have to perform maintenance or repairs on one of these things. New roofs can cost thousands of dollars, and appliances aren’t exactly cheap either. 

This is where newly built homes win. You never have to worry about if you’re adopting a house with little life left in the AC unit. Everything is recently built, new, and ready to live in. You won’t have to worry about replacing your roof or appliances for 10+ years. If you do however own a property with a septic tank, be sure to properly maintain it with septic tank pumping services to get the most life out of it. 

More Control In Your Decision Making 

Perhaps one of the funnest benefits you’ll receive is the ability to help design your house while it’s being built. It depends on if the construction company allows you to make decisions, but if they do, you should consider designing the property to your liking. This will help you literally create the house you want. 

It’s also nice to have options in your home buying process. Typically, newly built homes will be priced competitively with other homes that are similar, but older and not new. It’s never a bad idea to have more options on the table so you make the right decision for your family. You need to consider location, price, and house style when home shopping, whether it’s in a new construction home or an existing home. 

Find A New Home Today!

Next time you’re out looking at homes, look at newly built houses! They can serve you in unique ways and give you more peace of mind when shopping. And if there’s not any homes available, there’s no shame in waiting longer for the market to pull back or to wait for sellers to list their homes. 

If you find yourself in this position, try using BrixBid the next time you’re looking for an apartment. Their platform can help you save money by bidding on different apartments. 

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