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What Type Of Door Is Best For Security?

Your front door is generally considered to be a statement. It tells visitors about the style of your home and gives them a peek into your style. Some people like doors full of glass, allowing light in. Others prefer a solid door that guarantees privacy.

But, whatever option you choose, the one thing you really need to consider when choosing a door is which is the best type for security?

Certain doors are better suited to security than others. But, before you look at what is available, it’s a good idea to make sure you are using a reputable supplier, such as Parkwood doors. This will help to ensure that any door you pick is high quality.

Steel Doors

There is little doubt that steel is the ultimate door for security. A solid steel door is almost impossible to breakthrough. It is also fire resistant. The great news is that a steel door doesn’t have to look like a steel door! It can be coated in any material you like, to create a wooden effect or look like a PVC door. The difference is that the core part of the door is pure steel. That’s not something your average burglar will get through.

Technically, the wooden coated steel door is a steel core with a wood exterior. It offers the benefits of steel but is more aesthetically pleasing.

Solid Wood

Solid wood doors are a viable option if you want something that is a little cheaper than solid steel. They can be made out of a variety of different hardwoods. Mahogany is generally considered to be one of the best options as it is a very tough wood.

While it is possible to get through a solid wood door, it is not easy and your neighbours are likely to be alerted.

PVC Doors

PVC doors are some of the most affordable on the market as they are a good balance between affordability and security. Your average PVC door isn’t that strong, a blow from an axe can do a serious amount of damage. But, it is a good general security door and is effective against your average burglar.

Steel & Mesh

Technically the steel and mesh door is an outer door, you will still have a standard front door. The steel and mesh door is a steel frame with solid metal mesh covering the gaps. It is generally fitted outside your front door. The idea is you can let air and light into your home with your inner front door open but you will still have security.

This type of outer door offers protection and ensures you can look at who is outside without having to let them in.


Before you make a final decision regarding your door you need to remember that no matter how tough a door is, it is only as good as its weakest point. In most cases, this is the locking mechanism and you need to make sure you have a high-grade lock. This may be an insurance requirement, it should certainly be something you want to see on your own front door.

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