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The Most Common Fall Pests You Need To Know About

Summer is a beautiful time with long evenings that feel like they will last forever. Sadly, they don’t and, all too soon, fall arrives, the temperature starts to drop, and your local pests are looking for a warmer place to live.

That’s right, your home represents the perfect spot. It offers warmth, water, and even food. A crumb can go a long way when you’re mouse-sized.

It’s a good idea to get your local pest control company to check your home before the fall starts. They can identify pests that have already moved in and deal with them. They can also help you to locate entry points and seal them up.

It’s worth getting them in, check out here where your closest one is.

Of course, it still benefits to know which pests you may be dealing with.


Spiders generally live in your house throughout the year. It offers warmth in the fall, coolness in the summer, and most importantly, a dark space to hide and trap food.

In general, spiders won’t bother you. However, they do come out of hiding in the fall to look for a mate. The female will then make a web and lay their eggs.


Rodents are one of the biggest issues in the fall. This is when they are looking for somewhere warmer to stay for the winter. However, rodents are known to carry an array of diseases, making them a very undesirable addition to your home.

Alongside this, they can chew through wires and other building materials, causing safety issues in your home. Rodents are generally very agile and can enter your home from a variety of directions. You’ll need to make sure everything is sealed up.

Stink Bugs

Stink bugs are never a welcome addition to your home. They won’t actually harm you and they are unlikely to damage your home. But, they do come inside to seek warmth and they will multiply rapidly. Worse, every time you threaten or squish one they will leave an obnoxious odour behind.

A lot of stink bugs means a lot of bad smells.


Most people see flies as a summer nuisance. It is certainly true that they hibernate for the winter and wake up again when the weather warms up. That means you’ll either find sluggish flies or you’ll find evidence of them sleeping and perhaps dormant eggs.

It’s important to eliminate these during the winter months to avoid a plague of flies waking inside your home in the spring.

Box Elder Bugs

These bugs are very similar to stink bugs and come inside for the same reason. They are generally a nuisance more than a health hazard but it still isn’t something you want in your home. After all, these pests don’t pay rent!

If you think you have an issue then take prompt action. The quicker you deal with these pests the easier it is to eliminate them instead of letting their numbers build.

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