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How To Recruit and Retain Real Estate Agents

Whether you're an established brokerage with experienced agents or a new firm recruiting real estate agents, this article is meant to help you construct a successful and continuing process for recruiting and retaining the finest agents.

Below are the top tips for real estate agent recruiting that will help you know how to recruit and retain top real estate agents.

  1. Don’t follow the script

Every real estate agent has their reasons for being in the business. Many are attracted to brokers that provide substantial commission splits, but others choose brokers who provide the necessary technological tools or educational training. Listen attentively to your job seekers to understand what drives them. Many agents today are looking for remote and mobile-first technology that allows them to perform real estate deals more quickly and efficiently wherever they are.

  1. Host a happy hour for candidates

Try closing your doors to clients for the evening and focusing on agent recruitment with a friendly monthly or quarterly social gathering. Happy hours or in-house speaking engagements are two examples. Such events allow you and your team to meet a variety of candidates in a more casual setting and create relationships with potential future agents, even if they aren't actively seeking a change right now.

  1. Market your online presence

Customers aren't the only ones looking for a brokerage with a strong marketing presence on the Internet. Your internet presence is also being scrutinized by promising agents ready to make their next move. Make sure your online material has strong SEO keywords so that your brokerage name appears on the first page when agents and clients search for properties for sale in your area.

  1. Think beyond LinkedIn

According to one survey report, 93% of recruiters use LinkedIn, whereas only 37 percent of candidates do. On this famous social media platform, the competition is fierce. So why not look at less conventional forums to recruit?

Make a short recruiting video with testimonials from some of your most devoted agents, administrators, and customers and post it on Facebook or YouTube. You might also look for candidates in related sales-oriented and real estate-oriented businesses, such as title, mortgage, escrow, insurance, and financial services.

  1. Hold onto great talent

Of all, no matter how much money you spend on attracting top talent, your efforts would be for nothing if your agents leave early. Avoid the revolving door by consistently cultivating excellent talent's skill sets with the correct mix of ongoing training, productivity tools, and effective marketing campaigns that close the deal and keep your agents pleased for the long term.

  1. Integrate with CRM and back-office applications

Realtors that offer technology that connects with their favorite CRM, marketing, and accounting programs attract tech-savvy agents.

Agents are discovering that using a well-integrated real estate transaction management software like dotloop, which integrates with 75+ CRM, marketing, and accounting apps, streamlines their workflow and eliminates unnecessary data entry. Agents that utilize integrated applications are also more likely to participate in the transaction management process.

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