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The Biggest reason Why You Should Never Put Coffee Grounds Down the Sink

It is easy to understand why you would put coffee grounds down your sink. They are fine particles and appear to move easily with water. That means they will flow through the pipes without any issue and disappear.

However, the truth is that coffee grounds should never be put down the sink, read on to discover why and avoid the need to call your friendly Sydney plumber.

They Cause Clogs

Have you ever opened the lid of your coffee machine after it has finished making you a cup of your favourite brew? If you have you’ll notice that the coffee grounds are damp and they stick together.

If you’re not convinced, remove the cage that holds the coffee grounds and turn it upside down over your bin. Some of the coffee grounds will drop out. But, without banging the container, the majority of them will stay in the cage.

This is what it is like as they move through your waste pipes. Some move through freely. But, the majority of the coffee grounds get left behind by the water. They then clump together and gradually create a clog.

Your drain will work slower and ultimately not work at all. You’ll then need to spend time unclogging the pipes, this can be by removing the trap under the sink or by using a drain auger in the pipes.

Instead of flushing the coffee grounds down the sink, you’ll find there are a number of environmental uses for them, such as for fertilizing plants and keeping pests away.

Damage to The Pipes

What may surprise you is that coffee grounds are actually too small to be swept away with the water. This means that many of them sit in the pipes. They will collect together. However, if this is not in sufficient quantity to cause a clog, you may not realize they are doing it.

Coffee grounds get packed together and exert pressure on the walls of your pipes. Over time this will cause damage to the inside of the pipe and you’ll find the pipes wear out much quicker than they should.

In short, you’ll be developing leaks in your waste pipes that need to be quickly sorted.

Of course, if the build-up and damage occur in your sewer line you may need to dig up a section of your yard to replace the damaged pipe. That is not a pleasant thought and a surprisingly expensive and time-consuming exercise.

Additional Thoughts

It should be noted that this applies to all drains. Just because the toilet drain is wider doesn’t mean that it is better at eliminating coffee grounds. It simply means that it will be longer before you realize there is an issue.

It’s much better to use the coffee grounds for something else, there are plenty of potential applications. But, if you do have a clog and you suspect coffee grounds are contributing to it, you should call a professional plumber. They can eliminate the clog and check your pipes to ensure there is no damage or impending issue.

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