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Best DIY Air Conditioners to Keep You Keep Cool

As spring arrives most people are grateful for the warmth the sun brings. It’s nice to be able to enjoy the great outdoors and not feel cold half of the time. However, as the summer gathers momentum the temperature rises and it can be hard to focus, even inside your home. In short, you need a little cooling.

There is no doubt that purchasing the right air conditioning unit for your home from industrial air conditioners is the most effective solution. It’s not the cheapest but it will allow you to efficiently cool the whole house or individual rooms.

Of course, there are times when y don’t need to cool the whole house or you want to feel a little cooler in your car. That’s when you should look at the best DIY air conditioners as they can be surprisingly effective for small spaces.

The Milk Carton AC

It doesn’t have to be a milk carton, any container will do. The trick is to get a container that naturally has one opening. Then, take an old computer fan that still works and place it on the container. Use it as a template to cut a hole in the container and then glue gun the fan into position. Make sure it is solid. You can then connect the wires from your computer fan to a standard 12-volt transformer You’ll need to cut off the existing ends and solder the wires into a connecting pin.

Once that is done, plug in your transformer to get the fan working. This will suck air into the carton and it will come out of the hole. To make it cool simply fill the carton with ice cubes. The air will blow over the cubes and give you a steady stream of cool air, perfect for when you are sitting at your desk.

The Moist Fan

A standard fan can also be used to blow cool air around the room. This is very simple. You’ll need a couple of small soda bottles. Punch lots of holes in the sides of the bottles to allow air through them. But, don’t put the holes too close to the neck of the bottle.

Then, cut off the base and strap the bottles, neck down, to the back of your fan. You can use cable ties to secure them in place.

Now fill your bottles with ice cubes and turn the fan on, it will suck air through the ice cubes, cooling it and cooling you in the process. All you have to do is replace the ice cubes periodically.

This is effective but you can also simply turn a fan on and spray water as a mist in front of the fan. It won’t be as cool but it will be refreshing.

There are plenty of other DIY ideas that can help you to stay cool although, as mentioned, nothing beats the convenience of having air conditioning fitted to your home.

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