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Location, Location, Location

All over the world, everyone knows the famous rule of thumb when it comes to choosing a property to invest in: ‘location, location, location’ and nothing could be more important than the location when making an investment into a property. For some investors, it makes sense to buy a piece of land and get a property built onto this land from scratch and it is possible to find property companies that offer house and land packages all over the world and these are great for anyone looking to create a property that specifically suits them.

From first time buyers through to experienced property investors, there are lots of decisions that need to be made when investing in a property. Good value house and land packages in Perth as well as other major cities and towns all over the world can be found with a quick online search and if Perth sounds like an appealing part of the world to invest in, then here are a few locations nearby that often prove popular with investors:

  • Brighton
  • Madeley
  • Landsdale
  • Alkimos
  • Sinagra
  • Yanchep
  • Burns Beach
  • Clarkson
  • Tapping
  • Pearsall
  • Woodvale
  • Hocking

Any good property company will be able to offer information to investors about specific areas in order to find a location that suits the investor’s needs and budget. However, it is also a good idea for any would-be investors to do their own research as well and the internet is a great tool to use to find out all kinds of useful information on different areas.

Choosing a Location

What should an investor look out for when choosing a location to invest in?

  • Nearby schools
  • Close by public transport links, such as train lines
  • What entertainment districts are found nearby, like shopping centres
  • If there are any major roads close to the property
  • If there are any building plans in the area in the pipeline

Investors should check out other properties in the same area and look at their price tags to do a price and value comparison. A good location is one that has nice housing and nearby facilities and amenities but that doesn’t suffer from noise pollution and often the best way to asses a location is to go and visit it in person.

Building a Home

Investors who are lucky enough to be able to afford to buy land in order to get their own brand new property built from scratch will need to contact a company such as Aveling Homes to see which areas they specialise in.

Buyers will need to take into consideration their budget as well as the type of property they want and the ideal location will vary from buyer to buyer, as some may want to invest in a property with a rural location in the countryside while others may want something located in the heart of a busy city like Perth which means that the best location will sometimes be a personal decision.

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