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Great home transformations

The family home is the centre of life, and is often taken for granted. A solid structure that was built to provide shelter for the occupants and their possessions, the home can be transformed in terms of character, size, and indeed functionality. Here are some ideas on how to give the family residence a new look, without breaking the bank.

Extra living space

As time goes by, an average family increases in size, and the items they manage to accumulate soon take up all the available space. In this case, a house owner might consider an extension of some sort, adding a room or rooms to the existing structure. This could be achieved in a number of ways, by adding a room on the ground floor, at the rear of the property is one idea, providing there is sufficient room. A house renovation company would be able to advise a house owner of the most cost-effective way to increase the living space, without affecting the character of the building.

Granny flats

This concept began as a place for grandparents to live, with a small building attached to the main house, the elderly members can retain their independency, while being close to the rest of the family. The term granny flat today, refers to an independent structure that can provide accommodation for a range of groups, such as,

  • Students
  • Family friends
  • Home run businesses
  • Private accommodation rentals

Having a place that is separate from the main living area offers many benefits, with sound insulation high on the list. A small business can safely operate with the minimum of inconvenience to the house occupants, or perhaps it can be a place for the children’s foreign-exchange student friends, who are here for the summer. Friends tend to get separated by large distances as they grow up, get married, and take different paths in their lives. It is nice to have some private living space that is reserved for old friends who now live on the other side of the world, and can’t really pop over for dinner. A renovation company can provide a competitive quote that includes every aspect, from design to post maintenance.

Character makeovers

All homes have character, and when a person decides to extend, they want the character of the building to remain intact. This requires that any additions to the existing structure are in line with the style and character of the building. An experienced renovation company, Addstyle are based in Western Australia, and can provide high quality home renovations at reasonable cost.

Alfresco areas

Outdoor living space is ideally suited to the Western Australian climate, and it is a favoured way to increase the family’s living area. Using a combination of composite materials, a bar or pool area will really enhance the property. The family might prefer to have the ultimate barbeque area, and with a little planning, the perfect corner for summer parties will soon be a welcome addition to the home.

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