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Creating the Perfect Home

This used to be something a lottery winner might consider, or the millionaire business tycoon, and not really something that the average person would be able to do. Well, this idea has been firmly pushed aside, with modern construction companies offering a complete package, from land acquisition to after-sales maintenance.

Rising prices

Housing prices in Australia are steadily rising, providing the owner with investment benefits, a comforting thought for the retirement phase of one’s life. If one can afford a decent sized plot of land, the design possibilities are so much more. Some like to build out, rather than up, and with a ranch style bungalow, one can create the ideal living space.

Land ownership

This process involves several government departments, and an experienced builder would deal with all administration, including planning permission. The location is something to carefully consider, and a wise choice could make a big difference in the property value ten years down the road. The builder will ensure that all utilities are taken care of, and that the plot has sufficient access. If one is considering Western Australia as a base, Red Ink's house and land packages in Perth offer a comprehensive service.

The right company

Finding the right builder can be a challenge, but there are reputable contractors that can provide a comprehensive service, which covers every aspect of house building. The ideal company would be experienced in building this type of structure, with examples or previous projects, which one can view. It is always a good idea to get comparisons, so invite several contractors to bid for the project. This is time consuming, but well worth the effort, as it ensures the company is reliable and experienced.

Project manager

A house-building project requires a project manager, who will co-ordinate the various stages, and is a vital member of the team. He or she would liaise with the architect, making sure that all the specifications are met. The different tradespeople would interact with the project manager, discussing schedules, material deliveries, and deadlines. The entire process of building a house would be monitored by the project manager, ensuring that every stage is completed to budget and on schedule.


It would be nice to just hand over a cheque on completion, yet most people require financing, which is something a reputable builder can offer. A house is probably the largest single investment a person will make, so one needs to consider budget and affordability. It might be that the person prefers something a little larger, and by taking out an appropriate finance package, is able to acquire the right plot of land.  If one considers the investment opportunity, taking out a loan for house construction is a wise move, and with house prices steadily climbing, the future looks good for all property owners.

Partnering with the right builder ensures that the house of your dreams can become a reality, and with specific design solutions, will provide the ideal living space for many years.

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