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House and Land Package Prices in Western Australia

With the housing market still facing a certain level of uncertainty, Australian property hunters are looking for ways to make their investment go as far as possible. People are looking for reliable properties that won’t incur high maintenance costs in the imminent future, and there are also those who want to purchase a home that has been built with energy efficiency in mind.

For the reasons above, many citizens are starting to show increasing interest in the available house and land packages in Perth. This essentially refers to buying land and then choosing the desired home to be built. Another cost-cutting advantage is that the government may provide grants to buyers, but a reliable and brand-new home seems to be the main incentive.

Long-term savings and a home built to a buyer’s preferences still come at a price, and here are a few examples of the prices people can expect to pay for this type of package in Perth.

Prices in Perth

One of the main contributing factors to the variation of prices is the size of the property and land, as it is with most property investments. But different areas of Perth can also affect the price as well.

  • Northern Perth – For a lot in the suburb of Eglington, home hunters can expect a stunning modern design and layout that includes three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a home cinema, a garage fit for two vehicles, and a community area featuring a park and a short bike ride to the beach. For a property with these specifications, prices start at around $430,000.

  • Southern Perth – The suburb of Byford seems to pose a potential saving for future homeowners with the ability to buy a slightly larger property from around $415,000. That price would purchase a property with four bedrooms, a home cinema, small study area, and an open plan kitchen, dining area and living room. In addition, it’s only 35 minutes away from Perth CBD.

  • Eastern Perth – It would seem that Ellenbrook is the most expensive area on this list, with a house with similar specifications to the one above costing around $644,000. The higher price is in part due to the sweeping views of the Perth hills as well as slightly more luxurious amenities.

Looking at those prices and what buyers get for their money, it seems quite obvious why house and land packages are increasing in popularity. The modern, energy-efficient design coupled with a touch of luxury is undeniable, and though buyers will be required to wait until their property is completed, it’s debatably a much less risky way to buy a high-quality home.

In addition, when property hunters get so much more choice with regards to purchasing a home specific to their needs, these packages seem to tick all the boxes. For property owners looking for a modern, tailored and energy-efficient home, house and land packages might be the answer.

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