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3 Hacks That Will Prepare Your House for a Hailstorm

With the hurricane season around the corner and the weather becoming more and more uncertain in nature, preparing your house for a hailstorm is definitely a good idea. Aside from strengthening the structure of the property and taking the usual safety measures, there are a few additional hacks that can prepare you and your house for a hailstorm even better. We have the top three tips covered in this article.

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Community Hailstorm Alert

It is a great idea to start an alert program with the rest of the neighborhood. Instead of relying on the news – which often come too late to act on – you can use a more advanced system to monitor storms and issue alerts.

Free and paid apps designed to monitor the storm are widely available. Although they are not 100% accurate, you can use them to learn more about approaching storms and weather changes. For smaller communities, this solution works really well.

For a larger neighborhood, however, going for a professional-grade hail tracker is an option worth considering. The cost can be shared with everyone in the area and the information you get from the system can be much more actionable. The neighborhood hailstorm watch program will also boost property values in that area too.

Go Beyond the Structure of Your House

Most of us focus on the roof and the main structure of the house when preparing for a hailstorm. We check our roof for potential problems, replace broken shillings and even do a complete roofing project to prepare for the season. What we often neglect are the nearby old trees and other potential hazards surrounding the house itself.

The same can be said for cars or vehicles parked in front of the house, patio furniture and other home accessories. These need to be secured – or placed indoors when a hailstorm is coming – to avoid unwanted damages. Oh, and don’t forget to take your trash bin inside too.

Prepare a Kit and Have a Plan

To prepare for a long hailstorm or the aftermath of a big one, you need a plan and an emergency kit to support it. When you live in an area where storms are quite common, preparing a good emergency kit is a must. Pack some water and food, clothes and a portable radio with extra batteries. You can also add medicines, spare keys and copies of important documents to the kit.

Make sure everyone in the family knows what to do in the event of a hailstorm. Work out a plan that everyone can simply stick to in order to stay safe. You can even have a collective plan with the rest of the neighborhood if necessary.

These hacks are simple, but they will help you prepare – and anticipate – hailstorms more effectively. The more prepared you are, the better you will react when the hailstorm actually hit the house. You can lower the risk of damages and injuries when these tips are applied properly. For damages that can’t be avoided, there is always an emergency repair service for the job.

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