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6 Ways to Boost Your Home’s Curbside Appeal in One Afternoon

Thinking of showing your house? Or maybe letting out a couple of rooms on Airbnb? Don't have much time on your hands but want to do something that will get people interested in seeing more?

First impressions not only are powerful when meeting new people for the first time. They also contribute to how quickly we feel attached to objects, settings, and even houses. So the time and effort you put toward sprucing up the outside of your house is time not wasted.

Here are 6 ways you can create the wow factor at first glance. And the best thing about it, these activities can be done in the space of one afternoon.

  1. Keep that green sheen.

No matter how much we tell ourselves otherwise, a green lawn that is well-manicured is an eye catcher. The others? The lawns that let thatch build up or that have overgrown and browning grass? Or patchy turf? Those are the lawns that stand out as the eyesore on the street. Showing your house off is particularly difficult when all the other houses on your street have lawns that are well-kept. Don't stand out for the wrong reasons. Keep that green sheen by aeration and regular lawn maintenance.

  1. Paint your door.

Did you know that certain paint colors can increase the purchase value of your house? Buyers can be both attracted as well as repulsed by the color of your door. So what color has the best success rate? Doors that have been known to attract buyers are cheerful and sunny yellows. Striking and dramatic blacks. And vibrant reds. In fact, more than cleaning floors or scrubbing out kitchens, research has shown that the thing people look at most when seeing a house? 75 percent focus on eye-catching features. With a door that features a vibrant color, you will make the right impression from the get-go.

Painting your door can be done by you in an afternoon of work. No need to shell out money to get this done!

  1. Plant a tree.

When people think of their dream house, they often picture a tree somewhere in the background of their home. Subconsciously, trees, particularly large ones, invite the idea of establishing roots in one place. Other images that come to mind when a tree is visible on your property is the idea of flourishing as a family. On a practical level, the home will enjoy shade in the summer, helping to conserve energy and bringing welcome coolness during hot July days. Wondering what type of tree to plant? Number one on many people's list is the Sun Valley Maple.

  1. Pick out a wreath.

If a tree feels like too much of a commitment, the next best thing to add to the front of your house is a wreath on your door. Not only constrained to the holidays, you can find an appropriate wreath that perfectly suits the season. Summer wreaths with pops of yellow, spring wreaths with hints of blue, and fall wreaths with reds and oranges. A wreath on a front door is a beautiful way to celebrate each season that will charm and delight from the first glance.

  1. Add a bench or a rocking chair.

If your house has a porch, you are in luck. A bench or a rocking chair, or some other outdoor seating set is the perfect way to showcase the delights of sitting on the front porch in the evenings. Little touches like these provide ideas to those you are showing your house to. It allows them to picture themselves in those meditative spots. And this is a quick way to spruce up your porch. All it takes is running down to the Home Depot and choosing a set that makes you wish for more evenings out on the porch.

Keep in mind, outdoor furniture is different from indoor furniture. Outdoor furniture is made to withstand heat and weather extremes. Using indoor furniture outdoors will not last nearly as long as its counterparts.

  1. Install a rock walkway.

A rock walkway that leads up to your porch or front door from your driveway is one of those winners you can bet on. And is considered one of the most time-proven ways to increase the value of your home. Additionally, you can add a rock path that meanders through your front garden, or that takes you from one side of your lawn to the other. These touches are visually pleasing and also increase the safety of your front yard.

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