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5 Tips to Help You Get the Best Return on Your Home

Have you been thinking about putting your home on the market lately? Although the real estate industry is certainly not nearly as “shaky” as it has been in times past, it’s still not thriving as much as it could be. Therefore, in order to make your home a place that catches the eye of potential buyers, you need to do certain things that will make it stand out from the rest of the homes they may have seen. Below, we’ve enclosed five ways for you to not only make your house a great “sale contender” but will also help you to get the best return on it too:

Upgrade your kitchen. When people are viewing homes that are up for sale, customarily, the first room that they look in is the kitchen. By installing granite countertops, adding double-pane windows, getting some new tile floors, putting in some modern fixtures and repainting your cabinets, you are well on your way to getting people to look through the rest of your home and possibly make an offer.

Build a home office. Each year, there are more people who make the transition from working in an office setting to working from home. So, if you have a home office that is already set up, that definitely will cause people to give your house a second look. If you don’t have one, select a room and make sure that you it painted in a neutral color, that there are bookshelves installed and that there are plenty of outlets for different kinds of electronic equipment.

Purchase Energy Star appliances. A lot of people are looking for homes that are energy efficient and one of the best ways to make your house fit into that category is to purchase Energy Star certified appliances. Not only are they sleek and modern in their appearance, but they also can save between 40-60 percent when it comes to saving on energy costs.

Paint. Nothing says “new” like a fresh coat of paint. Although in times past, it was recommended that you keep the colors on your walls as basic as possible, more and more individuals are actually getting into shades of green, blue and even purple. Just make sure that if you are going to paint in order to prepare your house to go on the market that you select colors that are gender neutral and practical. For instance, neon yellow or fuchsia are probably not the wisest colors, especially in places like the living room or master bedroom.

Do some landscaping and curb appealing. Whether you’re remodeling in St Louis, Houston or Seattle, it doesn’t really matter how much effort you put into the interior of your home if the outside doesn’t look its best. So, take a moment to stand outside to assess its appearance. Could you use a new mailbox? Does your driveway need repaving? It is time to get the exterior of your home pressure washed? When’s the last time you had any professional landscaping done? All of these are little things that, if done, can go a really long way towards making the value of your home rise. Significantly so.

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