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Where to Find a Reputable Realtor to List Your Home

The recent recession dealt a hefty blow to the real estate market. Millions of Americans lost their homes, which led to a glut of available properties. Home values are down, and many people who wanted to sell ended up having to hang on to their house for several additional years, with the hopes that the market would correct itself. Things have begun to turn around, but if you hope to get top dollar for your home, your best bet is to work with a real estate agent. It’s their job to understand the market as a whole, and to assess your home’s place in it as compared to other properties in the area. A quality realtor also knows how to put your home in the best light for buyers, and to negotiate a deal that leaves you with a smile on your face. But there are a lot of sub-par realtors out there, and hiring one of them could end up working against you. So here are some tips on where you can find a reputable realtor to list your home.

Your biggest weapon in this hunt is the personal referral. A quality realtor brings a lot more than knowledge to the table. They put forth a manner of professionalism that brooks no argument, but also has a personality that puts people at ease and in the mood to buy. The best way to find this person is through a recommendation. Reach out into your community to speak to people who recently had a great experience with a realtor. Even in a stable neighborhood there is a decent amount of transition, and if someone bought with a realtor and had a great experience there’s a very good chance they’ll be a solid partner when you’re ready to list your home.

If you can’t come up with any personal referrals you like, look for a local realtor’s association. The best real estate agents are active in their community. There is a certain strength in numbers, and the local association will help them get a good deal of their work. A quick internet search should provide a number of exceptional options.

Hopefully you now have a couple of possibilities, but you should still broaden your search online. Make sure you include your zip code or city name when searching, as you’ll always want a realtor who is based in the community full-time. You can check out the local branch of the Better Business Bureau for some options, as well as your Chamber of Commerce organization. What you’re looking for is a realtor who has a professional license provided by the state. But another good benchmark for choosing is if they have won any awards. There are national realtor organizations that acknowledge outstanding professionals in their field on a yearly basis. Recent award recognition shows that a realtor isn’t only a good person, but is also great at his job. And that’s a winning combination.

Finally, use a social review site such as Yelp to back up your thoughts. Realtors are always discussed online, since the relationship between a real estate agent and their client is so personal. You’ll want to find someone with a superior online reputation. Pay special attention to any realtors who are praised by name over a period of years. You also want to see mentions of attentive service, quick results and a comfortable relationship. It’s a personal process, but after seeing some reviews and comparing those results to the rest of your research, you should come up with a couple of solid options to interview.

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