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5 Tips for Improving Curb Appeal to Sell a Home

If you’re looking to sell your home, you’ve probably received no shortage of advice on how to get the most money for your home in the quickest timeframe. Real estate experts will constantly push their services on top of the laundry list of tasks you’ll need to take on if you’re hoping to get anywhere near top dollar. The real estate market took a major hit during the recession, and property values are only now beginning to rebound. There are still far too many houses on the market, meaning the buyers are firmly in charge. So how can you possibly compete, when there is no shortage of properties similar to yours that a buyer can consider? Curb appeal may be the key. That first impression is often what makes or breaks a sale. It’s that one moment when those potential buyers either picture themselves living in your home, or look at their watch and wonder how quickly they can leave for their next appointment. Here are five tips for improving curb appeal to sell a home.

First of all spend that little bit extra to redo the driveway. A crumbling driveway will make the buyer think the home has been left in disrepair, regardless of the amount of money and effort you’ve sunk into your home over the years. Repaving a driveway can be done in two days in most cases, and that crisp, clean, perfect paving job will make an old home seem more modern, and a newer home seem brand new.

Consider the trees as well. Trees on a property offer free and easy shade, keeping the air fresh and offering a bit of a respite from the heat of summer. But an overgrown tree can block the view to and from the home, rain detritus down on the roof and litter the yard. You should have your trees pruned back once every couple of years, but if it’s been a while you should certainly have that looked at. You might want to handle these a couple of months before you are looking to show your home, so the trees have a little bit of time to grow back and won’t look so bare.

Now it’s time to think about the yard. Homeowners spend millions of dollars a year trying to get that perfect, emerald green look, and buyers do love a perfect yard. But consider the limitations of your property and the local climate, which may or may not allow you to achieve that look. You can always transform a small, failing yard by turning it into a rock garden with blooming plants, or even pave over a sad, dirty patch to create a great patio. Whatever you do, work within the confines of your budget and time availability. If you have a large yard, one great investment might be having an automated watering system installed.

Everybody loves the look and smell of a garden, but not everyone wants to put in the work it takes to keep it up. Gardens require a big time investment at first, and then steady maintenance that shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes a day. But gardens can be a huge selling point with buyers. Make sure you lay them out neatly, and consider a fruit and vegetable garden or an herb garden, which will actually add value to your home. After all, if it cuts down on a family’s supermarket bills than it’s something you can sell as a real benefit.

Finally, consider some family friendly additions if you’re selling a larger home. It’s best in a backyard, but if you can slip a little peak from the street you’ll be better off, just so the buyers know what’s there. You might want to check in with a company like RTC landscaping if you’re going to put in a large swing set or playground installation, as the water and material makeup of the land will impact the foundation of these pieces. But for a family there may be nothing more appealing than a constant source of fun for the kids right at home.

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