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5 Spring Cleaning Tips to Help Your Home Sell

Spring is finally here, and if you’re dipping your toe in the real estate game, that means the busy season is about to begin. Although many markets across the country are still soft, home values are starting to turn around, and now is the time to prepare if you’re looking to sell. You do have a hill to climb, however. Thanks to the recession there are an awful lot of properties on the market, and many of them are listed well under where they would have been five or so years ago. That doesn’t mean you have to take a loss on your home, but you’ve got to bring your A game. Take the time to put your house in the best light for buyers, but don’t invest a ton of money to do so. Here are five simple spring cleaning tips to help you sell your home.

Your first step should always be taken outside the home. Curb appeal has been shown to make a huge difference in the sale price of a home. You want the potential buyer to step out and picture themselves living there, and that means a front yard that’s as appealing as possible. So take the time to clean up any damage or detritus left behind by the winter. Straighten the yard and treat the grass, so it grows in full and bright this spring. And consider planting flowers as well. There are a lot of green thumbs out there, and a nice garden can often put a home over the top.

You should also take a look at your home’s roof. You won’t need to do a whole replacement in most cases, which can be quite a costly repair. But look to replace any loose or damaged tiles, especially if water is the culprit. And hire professionals to clean your home’s drains and gutters. A clean drainage system shows a buyer that the home has been cared for, and will give your house a neat and clean look from the front yard.

Now it’s time to move inside and contemplate some spring cleaning tasks. The first may be the hardest, and that’s to perform a de-clutter throughout the whole house. You want a home to feel lived in when showing it to potential buyers, but you don’t want them to feel overwhelmed by your stuff. The goal is a well-decorated space with an open feel. And don’t think you can just throw all of the overflow in the closets! The closet is a major selling point for many people, and when they are packed full they’ll look smaller than if they are well organized.

At this point you should look at ways to refurbish the floors. Wood can be waxed or refinished, and carpeting should always be professionally cleaned. This work will make even older floors attractive, and since flooring is a complicated DIY task, you’ll have happy buyers who know that’s one thing they won’t have to worry about.

Finally, don’t forget to clean all of the windows in your home. These days the trend is light and airy, with open floor plans all the rage. If you have few windows in your home you’ve got to maximize their impact. You’ll want the most natural light coming through, and a clean window will also draw people’s attention to the view. This is another way to show the home is cared for and to help people picture themselves there. And unlike roof repair in Katy Texas, all it takes is a few dollars’ worth of cleaning product and an afternoon. It may sound like a small deal, but you’ll make the potential buyers much more comfortable, and hopefully get the price you want.

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