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Top 8 Features Of Luxury Homes

More and more luxury homes are being sustainably designed and built with eco-friendly elements.  Luxurious living and being earth-conscious are not mutually exclusive; quite the contrary. There are dazzlingly-beautiful and luxurious homes across the globe that are using solar panels, sporting green walls and roofs and sourcing power via geothermal energy all throughout the year.  An ideal luxury home is a combination of eco-friendly and rich architectural features.

  1. Smart Home Technology

These are technologies that allow for monitoring and managing systems both inside and outside the home. Essentially, smart home technology enables you to use a smartphone from virtually anywhere on the planet to do tasks like locking doors, adjusting the air conditioning and controlling the thermostat.

  1. LED Lighting

The look and feel of nighttime interiors were considerably transformed by swapping out the soft flicker of gas lamps and candlelight with the brilliant, on-demand brightness of incandescent bulbs. However, thanks to developments in LED technology, lighting has again been experiencing a fundamental change. LED bulbs are tremendously more energy efficient when compared to filament bulbs of the 20th Century. This indicates that there can be a significant reduction in the carbon footprint of a household without having to switch the lights off.

  1. Locally-sourced and Sustainable Materials

This environmentally-friendly practice is not new. Materials like wood, stone, and steel are in abundance locally. To reduce carbon footprint, the construction practices of today see architects, contractors, and homeowners seeking local solutions to overcome their new design challenges.

  1. Private Eco Preserves

More than cutting-edge technology and eco-friendly construction can be incorporated into green luxury homes. If you want adventure, an environmentally-conscious lifestyle, and all the comforts of home, living on a private eco-preserve could provide the balance you need.

  1. Green Walls and Roofs

These days, green walls and roofs are so effective and practical that mainstream, design-focused establishments offer guidelines on how handy homeowner can install them on their own.  Many owners of luxury homes who want to cut down on their carbon footprint have incorporated green walls and roofs for a combination of natural, efficient cooling and appealing, landscaped beauty.

  1. Solar Panels

Solar rooftop panels use the limitless energy of the sun to supply a lightweight, inexpensive method of boosting the 'inactive' energy of a home and loading power for use in the future without any wasteful procedures. These panels can also be attractive. There are companies that produce stunning glass roof tiles that enable builders to construct solar-powered, energy-efficient households that pull creativeness from a classic architectural style.  This type of power is among the most fascinating innovations in environmentally-friendly design.

  1. Geothermal Cooling and Heating

Geothermal cooling and heating gracefully harness the forces of nature to deliver ideal indoor conditions throughout the year.  This technology enables homeowners to make the environmental footprint of the best luxury homes relatively small, while still providing a major aesthetic and functional impact.

  1. Elevators

Yes you read it correctly. Elevators. Many Luxury homes are now choosing to install elevators in the home to make their home completely accessible. Companies such as Platinum Elevators install a range home lifts from the practical to the completely luxurious. Adding an elevator to the home might not cost as much as you think and they can also be retrospectively added.

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