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How to get rid of mice infestation naturally?

Discovering you have a mouse infestation can leave you reluctant to go into your own home. But, you don’t have to love out. You can get hold of the local exterminators and find out more about the process they use to get rid of your unwanted pests.

Or, you can try the natural, approach; these tips will help.

It’s important to be aware that mice infestations can happen to anyone. They can squeeze through the tiniest of gaps and your home offers warmth, water, and probably food; making it perfect for them. Just one crumb can feed them for several days!


The first step in getting rid of a mouse infestation is to clean your home. You need to remove all food waste, either to the sealed bin or outside your home. All unused food needs to be stored in containers, where mice will be unable to get to it.

Depriving them of their food and water will make your house unattractive very quickly.

Peppermint Oil

Mice and many pests are not keen on peppermint oil. Simply put a few drops on some cotton balls and then leave the cotton balls where the ice are likely to travel; especially near their nest if you know where it is.

Instant Potato Mix

This is a great way to feed and kill your mice. Simply sprinkle the flakes near where you know the mice visit. They will consume the flakes. However, the flakes absorb liquid, they will expand in their stomachs and kill the ice before they have time to digest them properly.

Look For Access Points

Mice are generally most active at night. In the morning you may notice their waste on your floor or in your cupboards. If you follow the trail you should be able to identify where they are getting inside your home. As soon as you discover it block the hole and then check everywhere else, blocking any potential holes that you see. They can’t come in your house if there is no entry point. Don’t forget to go outside and walk around your home as well; you can block any potential entry point from the outside; making it very difficult for any mice to infest you.

Kitten Litter

If you have a cat then get yourself a litter tray and some cat litter. Your cat will be happy to use the tray and you can put small bowls of the used kitty litter around your home; specifically where the mice are known to go.

As mice are scared of cats they will quickly leave the area.

Of course, having the cat in your home and allowing it access under the cupboards should sort the issue quickly enough; most cats will naturally seek out mice and kill them. In fact, plenty of dogs will do the same thing!


You can put mouse traps down but if you’re not comfortable killing the mice yourself then you may prefer to invest in a couple of humane traps. However, when you capture the mouse make sure you set it free a good distance from your house; or it will simply come back in again.

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