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10 Must-Have Commercial Building Amenities

Commercial real estate tenants expect and demand that commercial buildings to be full of amenities that are important for their employees and clients and most importantly for their business. Amenities are one of the factors that play a vital role in influencing the purchasing decision of potential buyers, leasers or renters. Some commercial real state agencies focus on getting the cheapest property rates and some focus on providing better quality that obviously demand higher rates. But as one of the leading commercial and real estate agency in Moorabbin, Melbourne, here are the 10 must-have industrial real estate amenities – be it a factory, warehouse or office space.

  1. Conference Facilities

Commercial property mostly has small meeting rooms, but huge conference room is also necessary. Having conference facilities enough to accommodate large events on the premises make the tenants easy to host large conferences and meetings without renting any extra space.

  1. Easy and Reliable internet access

High-speed internet access is a must in a commercial building. Not just while they are working, but they should be able to connect to the internet while they are on break or outside the office suite. The Wi-Fi connection should be available around the common areas.

  1. Parking and Transportation

If you are buying commercial cities, finding parking can be a tough task. The commercial building must have a secure parking space. This amenity is a priority concern for everyone – both workers and clients. Easy access to public transportation can also be a plus point.

  1. Dining options

The commercial building must have on-site café and restaurants so that the workers don’t have to leave the building to get food. The restaurants and coffee shop on the lobby will make the tenant very happy. On-site café is convenient, but that doesn’t mean unhealthy, the food should be healthy and organic.

  1. Gym and fitness centre

By understanding the need of being healthy, the industrial building should have fully equipped fitness centres with a locker room and showers. Physical exercise impacts a lot on the work performance of the employees, so the gym and fitness centre is a huge priority.

  1. Outdoor Spaces

Employees get exhausted after working in a closed room for hours; they need some outdoor space to relax and recharge. Patio, outdoor grills, fire pits, picnic spots and rooftop decks with seating arrangements help employees to get some fresh air and chill thus improving their efficiency.

  1. Eco-friendly options

Establishing a business means the use of lots of resources which somehow affects our environment, so it’s time to go green. Lots of glass to get in natural light, use of solar energies, good facilities for bicycle parking, electric vehicle charging stations are some of the eco-friendly options that one can implement.

  1. Security measures

Safety is a primary concern for everyone, and the commercial real estate should be safe & secure from any disruptions and crime. A backup power generator, fire detection alarm, intruder alarm, CCTV cameras, emergency drills are must-have which allows tenants to feel comfortable and safe.

  1. Tenant lounge

Having a tenant lounge gives employees a space to have some fun on their breaks. This amenity should be fun with comfortable seating arrangements, TVs, gaming station, snooker and ping-pong tables. Also, space where the employees can talk and know each other.

  1. Retail

Life of professionals is hectic. Having retailed on-site can make their life a lot easier. The assortment of retailers – a bank, dry cleaner, departmental store, pharmacy, shipping/mailing centre – save their precious time and effort.

Considering these basic amenities while considering a commercial property can potentially save your precious time later on when you start to operate there. Talk to your real estate and try to ensure that they know all the features you are looking for into the new property.

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