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The Facts Regarding Whether Blinds Are Better Than Curtains

Curtains have been used over windows and doors for thousands of years. There is evidence that shows curtains hung as room dividers in the 2nd century. Research also suggests that the Ancient Egyptians used curtains as far back as 3100 B.C.

Curtains offer some benefits over other types of window and door coverings. Specifically, they are better at maintaining heat in a room. This is because they are a solid structure across your door and they may have an insulation layer to improve their performance.

However, it is possible to get the same effect with internal shutters such as blinds. They already block the window and improve heat retention. In general, blinds are seen as less effective because they also have slats. However, there are many blinds that are one-piece, such as Roman blinds. These can have an insulation layer attached to them to make them as efficient as curtains at retaining heat.

Equally, honeycomb blinds trap air in their pockets, potentially being the most insulative of all the options available.

Summer Heat

If you’re concerned about the temperature in your room then you need to be aware that blinds are a much better option in the summer. A thin summer blind will allow heat to escape from the room. That’s a benefit in the summer when you are trying to prevent the room from getting too hot.

In effect, allowing heat out means you can block the sun’s rays from your home while letting the air conditioner do its job more efficiently.

Sound Proof

Blinds are very good at sound proofing, although thick curtains are potentially better. Both are viable options and worth considering.


If you want to get all the above benefits from curtains they need to be thick and heavy. That means they will eliminate all light from your room. That is potentially depressing. Blinds can offer the above benefits without eliminating all the light. This can make a remarkable difference, especially on a gloomy winter’s day.

It’s also much easier to have a blind partially open.


Blinds are much less likely to attract mould than curtains, making them a superior choice, especially in damp rooms such as the bathroom or the kitchen.


Removing mould from your curtains can be extremely difficult, it will usually wipe off your blinds if you get any in the first place. Curtains generally need to be washed regularly where as blinds can often be cleaned with a duster and damp cloth.

The Bottom Line

Blinds come in a wide array of styles and colours, meaning that you’ll be able to find something that suits your room and your personal tastes. The key to choosing between the two is to check out what is on offer and consider using blinds in some of your rooms and curtains in others. This will give you the best of both worlds and ensure your home offers you the comfort and style that you want.

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