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Protecting Your Valuables From Moisture In Storage Areas

Storage areas are often overlooked. When you want to buy real estate, it is possible to end up with huge problems as some moisture problems in storage regions are going to lead to structural damage in the future. Unfortunately, it is a little difficult to deal with moisture or identify it. You can use the following tips in order to help you in all situations where moisture could be a problem, ranging from the Westminster storage units to a real estate property you want to buy and has to be analyzed.

Analyze Average Humidity Levels

When you talk about an indoor storage area, it is really important to consistently monitor the humidity levels. Generally speaking, under 50% is what is always recommended. This stops the growth of mildew, mold, wood rut and other problems you may be faced with. Humidity gauges are available and can be bought online or from hardware stores. Monitoring RH is something that helps since it instantly shows if you have a potential moisture problem or not.

Always Look Out For Leaks

Storage areas are not often accessed. In many cases you end up not visiting such an area for months. Because of this, any leak can end up turning into a disaster. Generally speaking, you should visit once per week in order to see if there are signs that a leak is present. A more thorough inspection can be done once per month. Just look at wall or ceiling cracks while investigating obvious signs of leaks. Cracks are particularly damaging as they would end up widening as time passes.

Protecting Stored Items

No matter how great the storage area is, you never know when something bad happens. Because of this, it is a really good idea to always protect all that you store from potential moisture damage. This means you need to learn how to cover and pack everything you store. There are various different articles that highlight all you need to know about the topic. Generally speaking, you need to be specifically careful with clothes, furs, furniture and electronics. These are the ones that are often damaged by moisture.


Charcoal is a great option when you want to be sure you minimize moisture problems. It is useful since it absorbs moisture while eliminating the musty odors. You can easily put some charcoal briquettes inside small pouches, a bucket or on metal trays. You should cover the entire area by using charcoal in as many corners and areas as possible. The only problem is that you should never but charcoal against something that you would never want to have stained. It is difficult to remove charcoal.


It is not that difficult to deal with moisture if you know what should be done. You surely learned many useful things thanks to the paragraphs written above. Have patience and do be sure that you always focus on inspection and knowing the state of what you store. In most cases serious moisture related problems could have been avoided through an inspection.

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