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Five Great Benefits of Hiring a Drainage Engineer to Tackle Your Blocked Drains

It can be disheartening to discover that the drains at your home or business premises are blocked. Blocked drains are smelly, unsightly and can cause major disruption at your property.

Your first instinct may be to attempt to tackle the blockage on your home. However, if you lack the necessary training or equipment, we would advise against this. Although you may aim to save money by affecting the repairs yourself, if you make any mistakes along the way, the cost of putting things right could end up being much higher …

That’s why, when it comes to drainage emergencies, you’re much better off calling in the experts. Whatever the nature of your drainage concerns, the experienced drainage engineers in your area should be able to resolve them with a minimum of hassle. What’s more, there are numerous benefits to availing the help of a professional rather than trying the D.I.Y approach. Here are a few for your consideration:

Prompt Service

If you have discovered a blocked drain, you will understandably want the problem to be resolved without delay. Thankfully, the leading drainage companies in your area provide a fast, responsive service that should quickly relieve you of your drainage woes.

And, if you’re in the midst of an emergency that simply can’t wait, you’ll be pleased to know that some companies also offer a 24-hour callout service.

Fully Trained and Qualified

Not only do professional drainage engineers have state-of-the-art diagnostic technology at their disposal, they have also undergone in-depth training to ensure they can safely handle drainage waste, remove blockages, clean and repair drains.

Prior to hiring a drainage engineer, you should check to ensure that they hold industry-recognised accreditations such as those from the Environment Agency and the National Association of Drainage Contractors. These accreditations are awarded to contractors and individuals that can demonstrate they follow the best practices, work safely and deliver exemplary levels of customer care and service.

Competitively Priced

On a related note, not only do the top-rated drainage contractors in your area offer a fast, reliable service, they also do so at a fair price. Finding the contractors that tick all the boxes here requires a little research. Pay attention to any customer reviews on Google or social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

When it comes to price, you’ll find that the leading contractors will be happy to provide you with a free, no-obligation quote prior to starting work, so you can decide whether or not to hire their services.

Less Disruption to Your Property

Whilst the ‘DIY’ approach may seem tempting, it comes with the substantial risk of inadvertently causing damage to delicate fixtures and fittings surrounding the blockage.

Professional drainage engineers use sophisticated CCTV drain survey equipment to warn them of any fittings or objects nearby, so that these can be avoided as drains are unblocked.

Without these insights, you’ll be going into the drain blindly and, as such, could very easily burst a pipe or damage a wall, which could leave you with another unexpected repair bill to deal with!

Longer-lasting Results

If you have a perfunctory knowledge of drains, you may be able to temporarily clear them. However, without expert training, it’s unlikely that you’ll spot any other problems that if unchecked could escalate.

A reputable drainage engineer will thoroughly diagnose the root cause of your drainage issue and then take all the necessary steps to ensure these problems don’t return anytime soon.

Thanks for Reading - And Good Luck!

We hope that you found our latest article helpful. A blocked drain can be a hassle to deal with, but we think you’ll agree these matters are best dealt with by the professionals.

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