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Cut Down Your Moving Costs to New York City

New York City is one of the most expensive cities in the US. Mobility and relocation costs are skyrocketing and if you do not act smartly, you will have to spend exorbitant amounts of hard- earned money. Most people hire professional movers to make the challenging task easy whilst some manage the relocation on their own. You can cut down the costs of your big move to NYC by collective usage of your own manpower and a reliable professional moving company. Follow these simple guidelines if you are not willing to burn a hole in your pockets:

1.    Hire Movers Who Do Not Weigh Your Luggage

Professional movers often charge you by the weight of your luggage. Therefore, people have to either leave behind their precious items or pay outrageous prices. However, if you hire a professional moving company that charges you by the square footage or cubic feet occupied by your luggage, the moving costs can be trimmed immensely.  

2.    Pack Most of the Stuff Yourself

You can make use of old firm cardboard boxes or purchase recycled containers and bubble wraps yourself. Pack away the luggage yourself and use colored tapes and markers to label the boxes. Asking movers to pack and unpack your luggage are some of the factors that will add on to the moving costs. You can also pack some of the materials yourself and leave the partial packing of the fragile items to the professional movers. You can even use the drawers for storage of bulky but lightweight items. When you are hiring cheap movers in New York, make sure that you get an estimation of price by a site visit as opposed to a quote received on the phone.  

3.    Compare the Prices

You must ask for moving estimates from at least three different companies. Ask them about the number of movers required to complete the job, insurance types that the company provides for you may need additional coverage if you are transporting pricey office supplies and equipment. Ask the company representative if they charge on hourly basis or whether the costs are determined per relocation task. While you are researching and evaluating different companies make sure that you check whether the shortlisted ones are registered with the Department of Transportation of the United States.

4.    Time Your Move and Use Tax Deductions

Plan your move ahead when there is less demand of the movers. You can schedule your move on a weekday and/or plan it on the second week of the month. If your new employer is not covering the moving costs, you can trim your moving costs to New York City at the time of filing the tax returns. So, do check up the IRS guidelines to verify whether you qualify for deductions.

5.    Earn through Referrals

There are some moving companies that give commission to the previous customers for referring the professional moving company to their friends. Shifting to the Big Apple may be expensive but what can be better if you get fees just buy sitting at home and referring your friends or relatives to use the service for local/long distance moving commute?

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