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10 Simple Tips to Secure Your Home

Home security is always a big deal, and that’s especially true these days. Even if you’re selling your home, you need to keep security a priority. A few simple rules from experts like real estate pro Louie Santaguida can help you tremendously.

  1. Don’t leave your ladder outside. A burglar can use it to get to the top floor of your home. Some may even be brazen enough to use it as a prop when they pretend to be a handyman.
  2. Hand your “secret” key to a trusted neighbor. It’s always a good idea to have a spare key ready just in case you lose the one you have. But you cannot leave them in any of the usual hiding places. Don’t put the key under a pot or a rock, under the welcome mat, inside or under the mailbox, or on a high ledge. Experienced burglars know all these “secret” places—they’re not really a secret at all.
  3. Make sure the area around your home is well-lit. This can help your neighbors see if anyone is lurking around your house, looking through your windows. If it’s possible, have motion detectors installed as well.
  4. Always keep the doors and windows locked. Make this a habit. You have to do this when you leave the home and at night when everyone’s asleep. Even if you’re just outside the house doing yard work, you need to still do this.
  5. Have a way to communicate with visitors before you open the door. A peephole or an intercom is quite handy. Everyone in the home should know never to open the doors to strangers.
  6. Install an alarm. This is very useful too. Burglars tend to run away when they hear alarms going off, and your neighbors can be alerted too. Just use them all the time no matter what. It should be armed even if you go to the store around the corner or you’re visiting your neighbors.
  7. Have some thorny bushes by your windows. They’re very effective in discouraging burglars and home invaders, plus they often look nice. Also, just in case they still go through the bush, the thorns can get torn bits of clothes as well as blood DNA to help with any police investigation.
  8. Check the quality of your doors. Entry doors should be solid enough to withstand a good kick or a shoulder brace. So if you have hollow doors for your front or your back entry, replace them. Potential buyers will also take note of this anyway.
  9. Check your door locks. A deadbolt lock is virtually mandatory these days. It must be a heavy-duty lock made of solid brass or metal.
  10. Make sure your AC units are secure. If they’re not secure, burglars can just remove them to gain entry inside your home. There are brackets you can use that can keep your AC securely in place.

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