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Common Mistakes Renters Make During the Truck Hire Process

When we are moving, it is very easy to get distracted by many things. For example, we are thinking about which house to buy, what school will we enroll our children, and what decorations are we going to put in our new house. And by being too occupied with all these processes, we commonly overlook the importance of hiring the best van or truck for moving. To ensure that it will not happen, TR Group highlights the top five common mistakes renters make during the process of hiring a truck.

  1. They Failed to Research about the Company

If you are not able to research about the company you hired, it may lead you to choose a company with a below standard service or with low-quality vehicles. There is a tendency that you will choose a company that cannot deliver the service you are expecting for a transit service. For instance, you might discover that the truck used in transporting your things breaks down while they are on the move, this can cause a lot of delays as you probably have a strict schedule that you are trying to meet. Before signing a contract, always look closely to the terms and conditions and make sure that all of their vehicles are well maintained.

You can know what company you should hire by simply asking your friends and relatives if they can recommend someone. Ask about their experience with them. Additionally, you can look for competitive companies online and there are usually reviews available there given by their past customers.

  1. They Don’t Acquire Insurance

Vehicular insurance should always be on top of your priority list when you are moving. Failure to acquire one can hold you liable for any damages and problems that may occur during the whole process of moving. Additionally, if you are involved in a large scale moving process, damage may happen at any point and can be anybody’s fault. As the person that have hired the vehicles, you are solely responsible for it.

Additionally, if you are able to get a package where a driver is included, there are also contracts or performance bonds that can help you ensure that whoever you hire will be able to complete what is stated in the contract. Although it may add to the expense, you will have a peace of mind that you will be able to move everything to your new place safely.

  1. They Don’t Assess Additional Costs

Before accepting a company to hire, make sure you are able to read all the terms and conditions included in the package you have availed. You should understand everything in the policy and try to avoid wasting important time when you are moving. For instance, some companies give additional charge if you return the vehicle in their car park after office hours or after the agreed time. You should also take good care of the vehicle you rented because they may cause you some more if there are damages occur on it. To avoid paying additional fees, make sure you align your schedule in a way that it could reduce your rental costs.

  1. They Don’t Look at the Capacity of the Vehicle First

Of course, you want a truck or a van that can accommodate all the things you have. The vehicle must be the right fit for all of your things. A truck that is too big for you will cost you unnecessary expenses. On the other hand, if you will rent a smaller one, you may have to spend two times more because you will have to rent another. You should consult moving experts to discuss all your needs about your moving process and determine the requisite and perfect vehicle for you.

  1. They Leave the Planning Until The Last Minute

Of course, there are many things other than moving like work and family. This can lead you to ignore the planning process until the last minute but failing to plan can cause significant effects on your moving process. For example, if you don’t plan several weeks before you move, you may realize on the day of your move that the vehicle you rented is unavailable. You may also discover that the local company that you plan to rent your vehicles do not operate on the day of your move or they don’t offer moving supplies. Simply take the time in weeks ahead of the day you plan to move. This can help you plan everything. Book your vehicle ahead of time and be proactive in any problems that you think may happen on the day itself. If possible, contact another agency to have a contingency plan in case the one you initially contacted ran problems on your big day.

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