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5 Types of People Who Attend Open Houses

Open houses will always be a part of the Edmonton real estate world. And when we talk about open houses, the Sunday open house is considered the best one. During such an open house, expect different kinds of people to come in. All of them will take a look at what you have to offer but not everyone is an interested buyer. Let’s take a look at five types of people who will likely visit your open house.

  1. The legit buyer – first and foremost, you will meet the legit buyers. These are the people who are genuinely in search of a property to buy. They may have the money or they are still working on their mortgage application, but they are bent on acquiring property. These are the type of people you want to visit your open house.
  1. Your neighbor – this is someone who lives nearby your house. He can be living directly next to you or just within the community. He just wants to check out what’s happening during your open house. Some of them just want to compare their house to yours. Basically, they are just curious.
  1. Buyer’s Agents – an open house will not be complete with agents as guests. These agents are always on the move. They go to as many open houses as possible to check out properties for their home buyers. But don’t worry, most of them are professional. They know how to respect their boundaries.
  1. Agents who lost a listing – and then there are also the agents who lost their listings. These agents want to know if you, the home seller, followed some of their suggestions. They want to check if you updated your kitchen or repainted your bedrooms as they advised you to do. An open house is a perfect venue for them to go through your property while maintaining their anonymity, as far as their rival agents are concerned.
  1. The previous owner – lastly, you may encounter guests who were the previous owners of your house. Sometimes, they may be relatives of the previous owners. These people just want to take some time to reminisce about the good old times. Some of them may have spent their childhood years in your house and they simply want to look back at those sweet memories.

If your listing agent is topnotch, he will welcome all sorts of visitors into an open house. They want to get as much feedback as they can from prospective buyers. They want to take down notes and answer as many questions possible. Looking for a new property, contact a trusted Edmonton real estate agent today.

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