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5 Tips for Selling Your Texas Home Fast and for a Good Price

Texas remains one of the hottest real estate markets in America, so selling a home there seems like it would be easy. And it might, if you are lucky, but the reality is such that this market is competitive and it has been slowing down. Therefore, a highly interested seller will need to be proactive in order to get the best possible price fast.

Is Now the Right Time to Sell Your Texas Home?

As mentioned above, the real estate market in Texas burns quite bright today. However, it’s not as hot as it used to be even a year ago. According to experts, it’s nothing to worry about because the market is “returning to norm” instead of showing signs of collapse. However, home sellers need to understand that the rapid growth has stopped, so there is a risk of your property sitting on the market for a much longer time.

And yet, the market as a whole, especially in some cities, can still be classed as “blisteringly hot” because Texas is where the jobs are right now, and many of the people who move here for work are looking to settle and buy houses.

All in all, while the market today offers some good opportunities, you’ll need to consider your decision carefully and think long-term. If you choose to sell, the following tips will help you do it faster.

5 Effective Tips for Selling Your Texas Home Fast & For Top Dollar

1.      List the property above the market price

While it’s true that overpricing your home will make it sit on the listing longer and might even make it impossible to sell, there are some exceptions. When the prices on the market are growing steadily, you have an opportunity to actually sell your home for a price higher than the average in your neighborhood.

However, for this to work, you need to raise the price a little bit, like 3% maximum. Going overboard can backfire and you will need to lower it anyway after several months of wasted effort.

Bear in mind that while real estate prices in Texas are still growing, they do it at a much slower pace. You need to consider this when setting the price for your house. Study the data from your neighborhood within the last 5 years but pay more attention to the 2018-2019 numbers and use them as guidance. And don’t forget to discuss this issue with your real estate agent. They will be able to advise the best course of action based on your goals.

2.      Include a home warranty

There is an easy way to boost both the price and speed of selling your home in Texas by making one investment of about $400-600. That’s home much a yearly coverage of a home warranty plan will cost. And this plan will make a huge difference because it provides the buyer with some reassurance, which adds to their motivation to buy.

Due to reasons like climate and the abundance of new and large homes with expensive systems and appliances that go on sale, Texas’ home warranty market is steaming. It’s no surprise because the weather in the state puts a lot of strain on home appliances, and people know that. Of course, they want to have some protection against the big repair costs. A home warranty plan offers that protection and more because it also provides a single point of contact between the homeowner and all repairmen and contractors that will be hired to fix whatever problem.

Texas also tops the nation in the number of new homes being built, and sellers of those properties benefit from home warranties the same way as they provide some more quality guarantees to prospective buyers. Overall, providing this type of coverage for your home shows that you care for the buyer’s interests, which also helps you make a favorable deal.

3.      Stage the house and take great pictures

Nowadays, staging your home, either for a visit or a photoshoot (better go with both) is more important than ever. Surveys prove that staged properties sell faster and for 1-10% higher prices. Therefore, it’s a step you can’t afford to skip.

You’ll need to hire professionals to do both staging and a photoshoot of the property. Without the professional touch, no matter how hard you try, the end result will look just that tiny bit off.

However, you can do some prep, like massive decluttering and cleaning of the property. Even if you still live here, you should make your home look as welcoming and “neutral” as possible. Buyers usually don’t like reminders of the current residents when they browse properties.

4.      Market the property online

The pictures you take for the above step shouldn’t be restricted to the use on a few real estate websites. Treat your property as a product if you want to sell it fast today. This means you should market it as you would any product, which means internet marketing.

Depending on your situation, you should consider investing in paid ads and even press releases at various local media. You definitely should market your property through various related social media groups. Note that you should not only post your ad in the real estate related groups but also at the groups popular in or dedicated to your local community.

5.      Talk to your agent before fixing up

It’s imperative to do some home improvements if you want to sell the property for top dollar. However, you shouldn’t rush and make a big investment into what you think is the most important renovations.

Instead, consult an experienced local real estate agent. They should be able to advise what’s most popular with the buyers interested in your neighborhood. This way, you will be able to use your funds more efficiently.

In Conclusion: If You Want to Sell Fast, Offer Great Value

No matter how picky, a buyer won’t pass up on an amazing house, so make your property appear so attractive that people will feel that they are losing a great opportunity if they don’t snatch it up fast.

This will take some investment, but it will pay off fast as you’ll be able to get a better price, especially considering that the Texas market is very active at the moment.

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