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Your Guide To Efficient Packing When Moving House

Packing up household items when moving home, is a lot more important than many people think. If you pack items in an efficient manner, unpacking is a lot quicker and easier when you get to the other end. It will also ensure that items do not get damaged during the removals process. Regardless of whether you are moving 50 or 500 miles away, the same rules apply.

Having A Clear Out

A removals company will quote based on a combination of time and volume. The more boxes you take, the higher the price they are going to charge. For that reason, you should consider clearing out as many items as possible before the move, to reduce the overall time and cost.

Go through household items, clothes, toys, games and even tools. Are there items that you don’t use and are not likely to use again? If there are, you have plenty of options. You could sell the items on eBay, through local classified ads or even give them away to friends, family or on websites such as GumTree. Don’t take things just for the sake of it, as it will increase the cost of the move dramatically.

The Basics For Packing Boxes

When you are packing boxes, always make sure that you pack them in a methodical way. The boxes should be packed with the heavier items at the bottom and the lighter items at the top. You need to ensure that the boxes are completely full. If they are not full, then there is a much bigger chance that boxes will split and that items are going to get damaged. Of course, don’t overfill them with heavy items. You want to ensure that boxes are under the 15kg mark if possible.

Labelling Items

It is likely that you already know where all the items will be going in your new home. Try and pack boxes up based on the rooms they will be unpacked in at the other end. Draw a plan of your house and colour code each room. For instance, the master bedroom might be blue. Any box intended for this room can be marked with a blue dot. When you get to the other end, you know exactly what room boxes are meant to go into.

For extremely large moves, it might be worth using a second labelling system. Alongside the colour labelling system, you could use numbers. For each room, you can number bikes in order of priority. For instance, the box numbered 1 would be the highest priority when it comes to unpacking, where 11 would be a lower priority.

Informing The Removals Company

The day of the move can be one of mass panic and stress. If you have labelling systems, fragile items or any special requirements, make sure that the company helping you move knows about them. This will help the process run a lot smoother and will help reduce the level of stress for you.

Whether you are moving a few miles away, or even getting removals to France, speak to your moving company beforehand, as they will be able to offer help and advice. 

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