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How to Sell Your Property When Time Is Against You

According to a recent study carried out by online property portal Right Move, the average time taken to sell a property in the UK is a little over eleven weeks. This is all well and good for those that don’t have to worry too much about time restraints and can afford to sit back and wait for the right buyer to come along. However, for some people, they simply don’t have the luxury of waiting eleven weeks or more to sell their property. With this in mind, how do you go about selling a property when time is against you?

The Price is Right

One way to generate interest in your property is to pitch it at an attractive price. In order to do this it’s advisable to do your homework and understand the true market value of your home. Compare it to other properties that have recently sold in the neighbourhood, or even better in your street. Once you have a realistic idea of the value of your home, you should be looking to pitching it around 10% below current market value. Doing this will make your property stand out from your competition and hopefully attract property investors or those looking for a good deal.

Pull Out All the Stops

If you need the maximum capital from your property then clearly pitching it below market value isn’t an option. In this instance you should be looking to market your property to its full potential. As well a marketing it via traditional High Street estate agents, you may also want to advertise on online property portals, or even take out a private ad in your local paper, or put up a notice in your local shop window. The more places your property gets noticed, the greater the chance of selling quickly.

Property Buying Companies

Whilst every other method of selling your property quickly is to some extent a bit of a gamble, property buying companies offer the vendor a definitive and guaranteed sale. Reputable companies will buy your property for cash meaning that there are no property chains to worry about. For this reason, contracts can often be completed in as little as two weeks. Expect the company to offer you somewhere between 65% and 85% of the market value as they also have to resell the property. You can find out more about how to get a quick sale online at

If you put your mind to it and are prepared to be a little flexible, then it is possible to sell your property in this climate within a short time frame. However, it pays to research all options thoroughly before you take the plunge.

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