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Top 5 Iconic Attractions of Dubai

The hottest holiday spot in the United Arab Emirates is glamorous Dubai. The city has become the best tourist destination in the world. Dubai has transformed itself remarkably from a desert into the big malls, restaurants, hotels, and other high-class entertainment. One can enjoy the sightseeing charms of Dubai city such as Burj Khalifa, indoor ski attractions, aquariums, and shopping malls.

The city has become very modern but still, the cultural aspect is still intact and there are many things to do once you are in Dubai. Hire a dhow and tour around Dubai creek to see the old side of Dubai. The old Dubai has its own charm and beauty. The following top attractions of Dubai will help you learn more insights.

Burj Khalifa

The tallest building in the world – 829.8 meters Burj Khalifa is located in Dubai downtown and people from around the world come and see this beauty. Some people come and enjoy the dancing fountain in front of Burj Khalifa and some prefer and go to the 124 floors to see the city beauty. Once you are in the elevator, the one-minute presentation will brief you about Dubai and Burj Khalifa. The view from the 124th floor at Burj Khalifa is just amazing having the ocean on hand and desert on the other hand.

At night, Burj Khalifa looks superb with all the lighting around. You can take the best photos at night. Come in the evening to enjoy the 124th-floor view and at night take pictures around by having a walk around Burj Khalifa. The dancing fountain is another attraction which takes place after every half an hour.

Dubai Mall

The most high-end mall in the city is Dubai mall which is the entrance to the famous Dubai aquarium and Burj Khalifa. There are many entertainment options for you in the mall such as cinema complex, gaming zone, and ice skating.  For eating and shopping, you can have endless options. There are always fashion shows and live music to entertain people usually on weekends. The best time to visit Dubai mall is during the Dubai summer surprises and annual shopping festival from January to February.

Dubai Creek

Dubai Creek has distributed the city into two halves, one is south part bur Dubai and the other north part is diera.  Dubai Creek has played a huge role in city growth with its attractions such as pearl diving and fishing. Some 4000 years before small villages raised along the creek and modern era came into effect in 1830.

The Dhow Wharfage which is on the side of the creek has shown which are almost 100 years old and small traders still use them for goods.  You can witness how cargo is unloaded and loaded from the dhows.  You can also enjoy the show ride and can see the insights about how these traders actually work.  These shows go to countries like Oman, Iran, Africa, India, and Kuwait’s horn. The place is old but still very fascinating and attractive to roam around.

On the other end of Bur Dubai side, there is an amazing waterfront view which is more fascinating with limestone and old-style coral block buildings, crafts selling shops and a floating market.  You can have the best time here.

You have two options to go across the creek, one is to hire an abra or a tourist dhow to go between the diera banks and creeks' bur Dubai.

Dubai Frame

The Dubai frame which is 150 meter in height is the latest attractive point located between the modern city and old creekside Dubai.  If you get a chance to go inside you will see lots of galleries showcasing real Emirati heritage and city history before you reach the sky deck. Once you are on the top, you can take pictures of old Dubai and modern city at the same time.  After that, you can also see the future gallery of Dubai which will highlight its future look.

Sheik Zayed road

Sheikh Zayed road of Dubai is famous for tall and beautiful buildings alongside the road. People from around the world come and see these skyscraper views of sheikh Zayed road.  It is located in the modern Dubai downtown business side.  The eight-lane wide highway looks more beautiful with towers around constructed in steel, chrome, and glass.

The main attraction of Sheik Zayed road is the famous malls on the roadside and others are located between the strip of first intersection and roundabout. The famous world trade tower will give you a low price view of Dubai city as compared to high-end Burj Khalifa. The diamond and gold park on Sheik Zayed road is another attraction for tourists if you are really a jewelry lover. It has 30 retailers and almost 118 manufactures all under one roof.

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