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Tips on Advertising Real Estate Vacancies

You should run print ads in both the local newspaper and a specialized real estate paper in the property's area. Plan on entering an online ad for the local property hub website in the area and on a national property listing website. By using both print and online ads, you'll reach the largest audience possible.

Your ad should open with a strong statement that emphasizes the desirability of the property, such as, "Updated office space near the city's major business center." Bring up a major feature of the property within the first three sentences of the ad and include key features, such as floor space

Keep any abbreviations you use at a minimum to avoid confusing the reader. Your ad should read clearly to a person who is unfamiliar with the property market and industry terminology. 

Consider including prices in your rental ad. While some advertisers may discourage the use of prices, not including the price can backfire in a real estate ad. A potential tenant may get the impression the rental is too expensive, or you might waste time on parties who cannot afford the property. By disclosing the price, you should attract people who are prepared to cover the costs.

Social Media

Social media presents a quick and easy way to get the word about the vacancy out to the public. Search for social media webpages or forums that relate to property renting and vacancies in the area. Craft an eye-catching blurb that follows the basic rules for written ads and the social media website's requirements, but don't include too much information. 

Social media posts should be short and brief, with a link back to a written online ad. People may view the post from a smartphone or other mobile device, so brevity is preferred for display purposes. Include a small but flattering picture of the rental's interior if possible.

Direct Mail

If you have a vacancy that is suited to a specific type of tenant, such as a commercial office space, consider advertising by direct mail. Tenants in nearby buildings might be looking for a new space that has the features your vacancy offers. 

Prepare direct mail ads following the same rules as a written ad, but include more targeted information. For example, if you're advertising a commercial office space to a law firm, mention its proximity to court buildings or a legal publishing store if applicable. 

You want to sell the space by both its price and its features. If you know the vacancy is less than the average cost for a space in the building you're mailing to, make sure the price stands out in your mailed ad. Contact the management in nearby buildings and request price information so you have an idea of how your vacancy's rates compare.

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