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The Best Safety and Security Items That Every Homeowner Needs

Your home is your castle, but is it as safe as one? You can turn on the news every night of the week and see stories about break-ins, home invasions, carjackings and kidnappings, and the sum total of all of that craziness can easily set you into a panic. Chances are you decided to buy in a certain neighborhood at least partially because of an expectation of safety and peace. No one thinks they’re buying in a dangerous area, but neighborhoods can change quickly. Whether you’ve seen gang shootings on your corner or nothing more serious than a neighborly dispute over mowing a lawn too early in the morning, it simply makes sense to take some security and safety precautions. With a bit of planning you’ll give yourself the peace of mind to sleep well at night, and know you’ve given your family the best chance at safety there is in an uncertain world. Here are some of the best safety and security items that every homeowner needs.

First of all, you should probably consider installing a comprehensive alarm system. Don’t think of this as some impenetrable barrier between your family and the dangers of the outside world. No system is foolproof, no matter how high tech. But as a deterrent to theft there may be nothing better. Place the alarm company’s sign on your front lawn and add stickers to the bottom floor windows. If a potential burglar sees these indicators, he’s more likely to try his luck elsewhere. As an added safety measure, most home alarm systems also detect fires and floods. That will keep your family safe from accidents and acts of god as well.

Next, make sure you have a quality firewall protecting your home internet service. Not all break-ins are physical these days. In fact, a hacker with a bit of software and access to your unsecured network can steal far more from you that what’s physically laying around your home. Identity theft is one of the most significant crimes the government tracks these days, and you can protect your family by simply installing internet security software on every computer and insuring you have a quality wireless router with top of the line security functionality. It’s also a good idea to make sure that your social media security settings are properly set. If you post about an upcoming vacation on Facebook and everyone can see it, you’re basically telling motivated criminals that your home is wide open at a particular time.

Everyone has locked themselves out at one point or another, but you would be wise to avoid hiding a spare key under your doormat or on the ledge above the door. If it’s anything obvious like that, chances are a thief will sniff it out. Pick up a spare key box that’s designed to look like something else. A false rock in your front garden would work quite well, or a hidden bottom to your mailbox. Even better, set it in a locked box that’s secured to the house, and only accessible by a key code. It can be hidden obviously if it’s difficult to get into. If you’re concerned about any of these options, invest in a door lock that works off of fingerprint identification. These days that technology isn’t solely for government agents. Set it up just to respond to your family, and they’ll be well protected.

Finally, pick up some quality outdoor lighting. Burglars only survive by using the night to their advantage. If you place strong lighting around all of the vulnerable entrances you’ll cut out the cover they might use to try and make entry. You can install motion sensors on each unit, so you won’t increase your energy bill that much. You’ll surely go through a bunch of APC batteries, but the added level of safety will be more than worth it. You might also want to pick up some time sensors to add to a couple of lights around the house. Set them to turn on and off at various times even when you’re on vacation, and anyone who has been keeping an eye on your home won’t be able to tell the house is unoccupied.

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