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Quick and Easy Weekend Renovations Projects That Add Value to Your Home

Whether you are improving your home for your own enjoyment, or in preparation to sell it, you want to make sure that the DIY projects you do are helping to improve your home while also being worthwhile investments. Here are some quick and easy weekend renovation projects any homeowner can do that will add value to your home.

Paint is the best way to transform any space in your home quickly, affordably and easily. Paint will also have a huge impact, improving the appeal and value of your home, without a large initial investment of your time or money. Consider painting walls a neutral color that is classic and timeless such as a light grey or a cream.

If you see any chips, holes, dents, or crack in your walls or around windows and doors, patch them up with a simple to use caulk. Then, repaint the area so that it blends and matches with the rest of the room. These easy changes make a huge difference and will ensure that your home looks well maintained and structurally sound.

You may also consider adding a fresh coat of paint on the outside of your home. While painting a whole house is expensive and lengthy, you can still freshen it up on your own. Repaint the door a complimentary color or even a bold, festive red or maroon. You can also paint any outdoor railings that may be chipping or wearing due to the outdoor elements. This will give your entryway an elegant look that will make a positive first impression on your guests or potential homebuyers.

Focus on Curb Appeal

In addition to painting, there are many other things you can do outside to improve your home’s curb appeal and influence the value of your home significantly. Be sure to mow the grass regularly, trim shrubs and bushes that may be overgrown, and sweep away any leaves or debris on your sidewalk and walkway. You can also add some colorful plants. You don’t need to be a professional gardener or landscaper to incorporate some flowers. Choose to plant perennials in your gardens that will come back every year with low maintenance. Another option is buy potted plants from a local garden center. These require minimal maintenance other than watering so you can keep your yard looking fresh and vibrant easily!

Update your lighting
You don’t need to spend tons of money on new light fixtures, simply change out anything dated for a more modern look. Get rid of old Hollywood style bulb lights in bathrooms. Switch out tacky old chandeliers or elegant pendant lights. You can find these options affordably at a home and garden center nearby. Finally, no matter what kinds of fixtures you have, be sure to change out all the bulbs and especially replace bulbs that are out. This looks neat and maintained.

All of these simple projects can be done in a weekend and will work to improve the value and look for your home. While larger projects may require the help of Handy Sam Home Repairs & Room Remodeling, you can do these projects yourself! Painting, landscaping, and chaining light fixtures are projects that are great if you are preparing for an open house, but they are just as effective for your own enjoyment or when you are preparing to entertain guests!

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