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Making a Move Abroad Successful

Don’t make the mistake of moving half way across the world and then regretting it. It’s important to do your homework thoroughly before committing yourself to a property – and a life – in another country.

Maybe you already know where you want to go, but have you really considered all the alternatives?

Why Do You Want to Move Abroad?

The first question you should ask yourself is why? Do you want to move permanently, or is it just for your holidays? Are you looking for a project or a ready-made home? Have you been offered a job abroad or do you want to start a business?

You might want to buy a holiday home with a view to live there permanently when you retire, and while this might mean you’re happier to live in that place, it does mean more homework for you.


Once you know why you want to move abroad, you need to make a decision as to where. Obviously, there is a huge range of places to choose from. There are numerous considerations to come to decisions on, including what type of weather you want, inland or close to the sea, an English speaking country? This will help narrow it down to a country that will meet your needs.


This is essential. To narrow it down further, you need to do your research into the different areas of the country. A successful purchase will be much more likely if you put the effort into the research. Make sure you research all the issues of a country too, such as taxes, politics, etc, and things that will affect your life when you live there.

You might get excited by the thought of moving abroad, but a rushed decision will often end in catastrophe. You wouldn’t rush this type of decision if you were buying a property in your home country, so you have even less of a reason to rush buying abroad.


If you’re buying abroad, then you must take legal advice from that country. Make sure that you speak the same language as your legal adviser, and you’ll manage to avoid legal problems before they arise. Don’t try to save money by cutting this bit out, it will only end with you spending more later. Make sure that you speak with an estate agent that you trust, like Wilfords, so you can be confident in your purchase.

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