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Pros and Cons of Myrtle Beach

Are you planning to buy real estate in Myrtle beach? Want to know the pros and cons of living in Myrtle beach? In this article, I'll discuss the advantages and disadvantages for buying real estate and living in Myrtle beach.


Here I'll take you through the pros and the cons of buying real estate in Myrtle beach. First I'll give you a bit of background about Myrtle beach itself. Myrtle beach is a famous destination for vacationers and golf lovers. Myrtle beach’s 60 mile stretch of beaches manages to attract over 19 million vacationers each year. And I only see this number growing and growing more and more as the years go by. Why? Look at the Covid-19 pandemic, Many people are choosing regional vacations over international travel for obvious reasons. Like i said, take a look at the pros and cons and use them to see if Myrtle beach is the right place for you.


Great golf communities

In Myrtle beach they offer a wide range of golf communities, Now you can find homes for sale in Arrowhead Myrtle beach for modest prices without modest facilities. Arrowhead homes real estate boast very well located homes as close to the golf action as you can get, But without the high prices

The weather forecast

Something very important especially for playing golf, Surfing or even just going to the beach to get some rays is sun. Myrtle beach has over 215 sunny days each year so that doesn't seem to be a problem


This is the number one factor most people think about when buying real estate. Myrtle beach offers very good value for money homes, This is a plus for investors and also homeowners of course. Homes for sale in Arrowhead can be low in price but also have the amazing facilities and amenities close by. I'd like to add on top of this, the cost of living in Myrtle beach is 7% lower than the rest of the nation as a whole and they are a very tax friendly state

Southern hospitality

I’m sure you’ve heard it before, But it's true. You'll notice a significant difference in people who are locals of Myrtle beach


Crime rate

Myrtle beach is a lovely place to live. But like anything nothing can be completely 100% perfect. Myrtle beach has a fairly bad crime rate, with the likelihood to be involved in a violent crime being 1 in 8. I'm sure, just like any city you've got good and safe areas. And you've got bad and pretty dangerous areas. So just keep your wits about you, just as you would in any other city in America

Vacation traffic

Like I previously said, Myrtle beach attracts over 19 million guests every year! So i'm sure you can imagine what happens when summer comes around, The roads get packed. But i'm sure the atmosphere in the city is great


So I hope you've got some value from this. It's always a good idea to think of the pros and the cons before making any decision. And I hope you make the right one for you.

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