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How to choose the right condo


I thought so, Myrtle beach has a very large range of condos up for sale. With so much choice it becomes an even harder task to make your decision. Have you ever been to a cocktail bar with so many different cocktails with strange names? It's hard to choose right? I’m gonna get 2 different styles of condo here and compare them for you, after reading this you should be able to narrow down your search much easier. I'll compare them using 3 different points. Location, Features & Facilities and last but not least the price

Brighton Towers, Myrtle beach

We're gonna start at the higher price range here. Brighton towers condos for sale are considered to be much more of a luxurious kind of condo. Let's have a peek into these condos. So what do they offer?


Brighton towers are located on the most wanted location of myrtle beach, They are extremely popular among vacationers as they have a the perfect oceanfront location coming of the highway 22

Features and Facilities

Brighton towers are a modern well built place, catering very well to families. They offer both 2 and 3 bedroom condos, Perfect for families! Residents of Brighton will have access to the pool, and also right next to the facility is ‘splash water park’,  a perfect place to unwind and have some family friendly fun. I guess you could call this a facility, Brighton you'll have on facility parking. This is something that is rare to find nowadays on Myrtle beach


So these condos are luxurious, Like i already said. So, you will have to pay a premium price. Just like if you order an old fashioned off the menu as opposed to a sex on the beach. With prices starting from $400,000 you know what your getting is gonna be a good quality service

Compass Cove, Myrtle beach

So we've looked at the higher end, Now it's time to see how the normal people live!


Compass cove is located about 2 miles from the main boardwalk, It's not the most prized location out there but it works. It's not as nice as being in Brighton located in the best position in myrtle beach but like i said, It works

Features and Facilities

To be completely fair to them, They do offer a great range of facilities. They can also cater to families for sure. All together it has a total of 23 water amenities including 4 Outdoor Pools, 2 heated indoor pools, 3 lazy rivers, 5 kiddie pools, 2 water slides and 7 hot tubs. So basically a lot. Also offering a few restaurants in the facility it surely cannot be ruled out


With prices starting at $89,000 upwards, lets just say It wins here doesn't it


To conclude, to buy a Brighton condo for sale. You're gonna have to dig a little deeper into your pocket than usual, But you'll have a great deal of facilities and the best of the best when it comes to the location. Brighton Condos boast a lot of top class amenities, So if you're into quality. Id recommend you choose Brighton, If you want quantity, Go for Compass cove

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