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Furnish Apartment on the cheap

You just took your first major step as an adult: You rented an apartment or bought a home. Despite this monumental move, your paycheck doesn’t necessarily reflect your adult status.

Like most adults, you need to budget and compromise to live an independent lifestyle. You want to stay on budget, but you also want your new home to reflect your personal aesthetic. We have some money saving tips to help you find the perfect balance of budget and beauty.


Host an apartment or house warming party. Next, encourage your guests to bring housewarming gifts. You determine the strictness of your present list. You can either offer a list of items that you need for your home, or you can let your guests bring whatever they want.

State your gift requirements on your invitations or emails. Optional present parties may not result in many gifts, but you may obtain a few essentials. It’s always better to get something than nothing.

Shop at Home

Ask your parents about giving you the furniture that they no longer use. Check the garage, attic, and basement for any furniture that might be stored away and taking up space.

Visit friends and family member’s homes to find even more furniture and accessories. You could also tell your friends and family to mention to their friends that you’re looking for furniture and house accessories, which will extend your searching net a little further.

Thrift Stores

Check your local thrift shops for used furniture. Even if the items are not in perfect condition, you may be able to repurpose them in other home improvement projects. The fabrics could be used to help build other furniture and decorations.

Garage Sales

Check newspapers, online listings, and fliers for nearby garage sales. Additionally, if you’re feeling bold, and have a few free hours, just drive around until you find some local garage sales.

Additionally, check local college bulletin boards to see if any graduating students are trying to sell old dorm furniture.


Kohl’s, Sears, and other major department stores all carry apartment decorations and furniture. Shop these stores with coupons. You will find a lot of useful apartment items at discounted prices.

Make sure you check Groupon daily, because they often update their coupons, especially for major stores such as Kohl’s.

Use our tips to help you turn your first apartment into your dream one.

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