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Finding The Perfect Rental Home: 4 Steps You Need To Take

Whether you are a new renter or just fancy a property change, looking for that perfect rental home can be time-consuming. It can be hard work finding somewhere you love, but once you find the perfect place, you will know it was worth the effort.

One-third of US citizens rent their homes, and while many of these renters are young adults, there are also many others who rent. Luckily, there are rental properties suitable for all budgets, so finding a home shouldn't be too tricky.

To help you find the perfect rental property for your needs and budget, here are four steps you need to follow:

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Step 1: Determine how much you can afford to pay

Before you start searching for your new home, create a budget and take a look at where your money is going. Focus on what you spend your money on and how much spare money you have each month. By drawing up a budget beforehand, you will be able to determine how much you can afford to spend on rent.

As well as factoring in the cost of rent, it’s also important to take into account your other spending. Debt, commuting, grocery costs, utility bills, tax, we could go on and on. It’s important that when you create a budget, that you also take into account other monthly costs, as well as rent.

Step 2: Brainstorm what you want

Besides a basic bedroom count, ask yourself what else you would like your new home to have. Do you want access to a garden - is a communal garden acceptable? Do you want a fireplace? Is a bath a must, or is just a shower okay? Do you want a gas or electric cooker?

As well as brainstorming what you want from your new home, it’s also a good idea to think about what you would be willing to compromise on. For instance, would you be willing to give up having outdoor space to have a larger house? Or, would you be willing to give up having a parking space for a larger garden?

Step 3: Contact estate agents

As well as using online sites to find the best rental properties, get in touch with an estate agents and register your details. By registering your details you will be on the system, and every time a new property comes up, you will be notified.

By contacting an estate agent and registering your interest in moving, you will be alerted every time a new property comes up. By using an estate agents services, like Abbotts services, you can be alerted to all the best new properties on the market.

Step 4: Know the area you want to live in

Just like you would do if you were buying a property, it’s important to know what type of area you want to live in. Do you want to live in a family-focused location, or somewhere that has more nightlife and entertainment on offer?

Once you know what type of place you wish to live in, the next step is to ensure that when you find a property, it is in the right area. Don’t just take the area at face value, spend some time looking around and getting to know it.

Drive past your potential new home in the mornings, in the middle of the day, and most importantly, at night. Sometimes an area can be completely different in the daytime then it is at night, so it’s important to check this.

When looking for your next rental home make sure to follow these four simple steps and you will find the perfect rental property. Just remember that when taking your budget into account, to always factor in other expenses, as well as the cost of rent.

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