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Find the right windows for your new home or remodel

Your windows are an essential part of your home. They not only bring in light and fresh air, but give your home its entire look—inside and out. If you’re remodeling your home or starting a new build, you have the opportunity to rethink your windows for the better. In this article, we’ll run through the three major decisions you’ll need to make in regards to your new windows: their design, frame, and glass. Here’s what you need to know.


A window isn’t just a window. Windows are both a functional part of your home and an aesthetic statement. You want them to both look great and be convenient to open and use. Pick a window design with these two things in mind. 

A traditional double-hung window might be the look you’re going for, but sliding open the window might be difficult for some people in your household. A casement window, which opens using a hand-crank lever, might be a better choice in this regard, but your home may have not been designed with this larger window size in mind.

Different windows have different costs associated with them. A full bay window is typically going to cost more than a basic slider window. This is why working with a window expert is helpful: they can walk you through your options and talk to you about what works within your budget.


There are many different window frame options available. From a traditional frame like wood or vinyl to durable options such as fiberglass and aluminum, you have choices. Your decision will depend partly on your home’s style and aesthetic, and partly on your area’s climate. 

Wood window frames, for instance, help insulate your home on cold winter days and nights. But, they don’t handle humidity well. If you have a traditional home in Pittsburgh, for example, they could fit both the look and the efficiency needs of your property. Talk to a local expert for Pittsburgh window replacement services!


Once you’ve selected a window design and frame, it’s time to decide what glass to put into it. Single-pane glass is probably what you’re picturing: it’s been the inexpensive default option for decades. However, you should probably consider upgrading to dual-pane glass. These windows feature two panes of glass with a tight air pocket between them. Typically filled with an insulating gas, these windows are far more energy-efficient than single-pane windows.

They may cost more upfront, but dual-pane windows can reduce your overall energy use by up to 30-50%. That’s major savings, every single month.

Work with a window specialist

Need help picking the right window design, frame, or glass for your home? Get an individualized assessment and professional opinion by speaking with a local window expert in your area. A window installation pro can walk you through your options and take accurate measurements for new windows or window glass.

For an in-depth look at what’s involved with buying new windows, check out this helpful infographic!

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