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5 Weather-Stripping Tips for Windows and Doors in Your Home

The winter months are approaching and that means cold temperatures are on their way. Keep the cold outside where it belongs by reducing those stubborn cracks and leaks around windows and doors that lead to chilly drafts entering your home. Drafts make maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home during the winter seem almost impossible. Luckily, you can use these 5 weather stripping tips for windows and doors in your home.

  1. The first thing you will need to do is find out where weather stripping is needed in your home. You may need it on your windows, doors, or both. Check all doors, especially those that are exterior facing, and windows. To check the door, try sliding a dollar bill or a piece of paper underneath. If it goes through, the gap beneath your door is much too large and weather-stripping will be essential. For the windows, look around the edges for gaps and cracks.
  2. Once you have identified where the weather stripping needs to be installed, you will need to choose the right products for the job. Most homeowners choose adhesive-backed foam weather stripping since it is the easiest to install as well as very effective in reducing drafts. The directions are simple so you can easily follow the directions provided by the manufacturer to install the weather stripping wherever it is needed.
  3. A different option for weather stripping is a rubber-gasket style instead of foam. This is an upgrade so it will be more expensive, however the flexible gasket will work to completely seal off cracks and openings using compression. Some are attached with nails and staples while others use adhesive.
  4. If you still feel like your door has a slight draft even after installing weather stripping, you can take it a step further and install a door sweep underneath the door. This will improve effectiveness and block drafts completely. These sweeps attach simply underneath your door with screws or adhesive. In addition to keeping your home warmer, sweeps will work to reduce the amount of dust and debris that enters your home, improving your home’s indoor air quality for better breathing and health for your whole family.
  5. For windows, another helpful draft busting option is to use shrink film. This technique works on windows that you will not be opening during the winter months. It works in a similar manner to shrink-wrap and a film is applied over the entire surface of the window and frame. A heat gun or hair dryer can then be used to heat the film so that it will shrink nice and tightly across the surface of the window, sealing it completely.

Utilizing these 5 weather-stripping tips for windows and doors will make a huge difference in your home without the need for installing ductless heating advancements or buying a new heating system. Weather stripping is an easy weekend project that can have effective, long-lasting results. You can eliminate drafts, reduce your energy bills, and stay cozy and warm through the entire winter season with a few simple home improvement projects and changes.

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