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5 Different Careers Working in Real Estate

Just like any other industry, the real estate business has many different jobs – in front and behind the scenes. Typically we think of the most common job in real estate, which is the real estate agent. However, there are a plethora of other jobs in the real estate market with various and differing levels of expertise. For a home to sell on the market, you need a real estate agent, but you also need someone to broker the deal, inspect and appraise the home, and even someone to loan the money to the person purchasing the house or property. A career in the real estate market can be challenging, but also exciting and can even offer a large salary. Here are 5 different careers working in real estate.

  1. One of the first steps to take when you want to sell your home is to have it inspected. This way someone can come in and make a final estimate as to how much your house is worth. A housing inspector has an essential role in the real estate market, because they are usually the first ones called to do a thorough examination of the house that is going up for sale. They will check everything, from the structure of the house, to the foundation, electricity and even plumbing. Before you get your property appraised you want to make sure you fix any damages that could lower its price.
  2. An appraiser has an important role, because they usually determine how much the house is worth, so that the seller and the real estate agent can collaborate together to devise a final listing price. Moreover, an appraiser is an important ally to the mortgage broker so that he or she, or the agency, can determine what an appropriate mortgage will be, so as not to go over the value of the property.
  3. Mortgage broker is another career in real estate that can be incredibly gratifying, because you work with the purchaser of the property and a bank to secure a loan and hopefully help close the deal. Many people who want to buy a home or a property will go to a mortgage broker to fill out the necessary paper work and to see how big of a loan they are qualified for.
  4. You could also become a real estate broker. Typically, a real estate broker has more leverage and power over your common real estate agent, because they can own more property, bring in more money, and own franchises. However, you better find the best resume writer you can find, because this job can be harder to get than other real estate jobs. A real estate broker usually needs more training and certifications.
  5. Lastly, if you want to find a more of a creative job in the real estate market, you could be a home stager. A home stager will fill an empty home with furniture, décor and will even sometimes bake cookies to make it seem more habitable. A home stager gets to buy, design and curate all the furniture choices for the listed home, and even sometimes gets to keep the furniture for themselves.

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