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5 Crucial Things To Look For In A New Home

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When you are house-hunting, you know what you want from your new home. Many people focus on the aesthetics of houses. They want somewhere that looks attractive, modern and fashionable. When you move into your new house, you will likely want to redecorate it. That means that you needn't pay all that much attention to how the house looks right now. Instead, you need to look at aspects of the property, which you can't change at a later date. Here are five crucial things you need to look for in your new home.

1. Weather resistance

Harsh weather conditions seem to be commonplace these days. From hurricanes to blizzards, there always seems to be a weather disaster on its way. When you view houses, you need to keep that in mind. What provisions does the house have? Can't it withstand extreme weather and climate changes? You should ask your realtor whether each house has the right spec to deal with the weather. Of course, there are particular things that you can do to weatherproof your home. Much of its durability, though, comes from its foundations. You can get an independent surveyor to look at the house before you buy it.

2. Location

You should never compromise on the location of your home. When you live far away from amenities and your workplace, it will impact your life greatly. You might think that adding an extra ten minutes to your morning journey won't make a huge difference to you, but it will. For example, if you work in Birmingham, you need to look at Birmingham Alabama realty only. You might think that you can get a reasonable property in the surrounding areas, but doing so will cause you a load of stress. Nobody likes commuting to work each morning, and so you should make things easy on yourself.

3. Decent room sizes

When you look at a potential property, you need to take note of how large the rooms are. Remember, everybody will want their space in the home. If you have a family, this is particularly important as children need room to grow. When you look at each room, try to picture it with no furniture in it. That way, you can get a measure of how big the room is. Ask for a rundown of all the room dimensions. Your realtor should have no problem giving you that information. You can then see which property has the largest rooms.

4. Window size

You can't put a price on natural daylight. Some people think that it doesn't matter whether the windows are big or small. That is not true. The more daylight you have in your home, the greater it will feel. Beware of houses with tiny windows. You might think that you can decorate them to look bright and cheerful, but you can't. These houses will always look dull and depressing. You need to look for a house with massive windows so that there will  always be light in your home.

5. Driveway

Most families have two or more cars these days. You need to see if there is space for your cars in your property. Parking on the sidewalk is fine for a short term solution, but you need a permanent space for your vehicles. Some properties have driveways while others have spacious garages. If a property has neither of these things, it is not worth the money. These properties have a lower valuation than houses with space for vehicles. You should keep that in mind when looking at houses. Some properties have a separate garage, and so you should ask about that too.

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