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Where to Eat in Montreal’s Rosemont Neighborhood

Those who are moving into the newly available condos in Rosemont may have chosen the neighborhood for its proximity to their workplace, but there’s another good reason to live here. You have plenty of excellent restaurants to try out and patronize.

The neighborhood seems to have absorbed the various culinary personalities of its surrounding neighborhoods. It does save you the trouble of driving to another area when you can walk to a nearby restaurant to enjoy bodacious brunches, terrific Haitian fare, or French cuisine.


It’s easy enough to realize that the brunches are terrific here, as there are literally long lines on weekends for the brunches they serve. You can get a multi-level plate with an assortment of their homemade pastries and spreads, or you can try the Oeuf & Boeuf beef cheek cooked for 8 hours in molasse, with Panko egg and grilled focaccia. Another popular option is the trout gravlax cured in Jägermeister.

But just in case you didn’t know, here’s a tip: these brunches are available on weekdays as well.

La Boulette

This place is famous for offering upscale comfort food before the rest of the city caught on to the trend of offering high-quality burgers and tartares. The place focuses on fresh produce from local sources, and they get their buns from the superb bakery Arhoma. Of all the burger spots in the city, La Boulette has perhaps the ritziest wine list full of private imports.

Sandwicherie Sue

Rosemont is fairly well-known for the numerous locations with fantastic sandwiches, and Sandwicherie Sue is a great example. You’ll find exciting versions of the Vietnamese sandwich banh mi, along with sandwiches with sautéed Chinese eggplants or fresh shiitake mushrooms.

Zytynsky’s Deli

This is another place where you can find excellent sandwiches. It’s actually a landmark establishment in the neighborhood, as it was founded by a Ukrainian sausage maker about a hundred years ago. Now the 3rd generation of that family is still running the place, and you have a sandwich counter by the deli and grocery store where you can sample the hand-smoked Ukrainian style charcuterie right away.


This is a bit of an eccentric place because for some reason the people behind Akwaba think it’s okay to combine African cuisine with Greek dishes in the very same menu. But somehow, it all works fine when you try the moussaka and the mafe peanut stew. You should also try the Choukouya with its spiced, braised meat.

Une Nuit à Bangkok

Some fans of Une Nuit à Bangkok think that this is actually the best Thai restaurant in the entire city. The quality of the menu items is superb, even if the number of selections here isn’t as high as what you may find in other Thai places elsewhere. For Une Nuit à Bangkok, it’s the quality and not the quantity that counts and they’ve concentrated in perfecting their curry, noodle, and soup dishes. Your first visit here will be like One Night in Bangkok.

Détour Bistro

Why go to Hochelaga for some French cuisine when you have Détour Bistro right here in Rosemont? The quality of the food here can compare with the rest of the city when it comes to their profiteroles, garlic escargot, and tartare.

Chez Toutou

Are you in the mood for Haitian fare? Come here to Chez Toutou where they serve you their spiced fired meat called griot along with lots of rice and plantains. These people don’t make a fuss—they let the food speak for themselves.

Casa Vinho

This Portuguese restaurant will provide you with all the hallmarks of Portuguese cuisine. You’ll find rotisserie chicken and pork fillet in porto sauce, along with a wide variety of seafood including grilled octopus.

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