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What It Really Takes To Get A House Ready To Sell

Buying into a home for investment purposes is a big deal. So is selling the home you live in. Whatever reason you’ve got a home you want to sell, you want to do it right. So you need to understand what’s actually going to add value to it. Or, horror of horrors, take that value away. There are a lot of guides that can give you very specific advice. However, we’re going to boil it down into some very simple points. Below are the four keys to any change in the home that will add or detract value and how you tackle them.

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Curb appeal

Any restaurant that wants to succeed has to have. Think of your house sale the exact same way. You want people to pause and gander when they see a ‘for sale’ sign outside your house. That means taking care, first and foremost, of your garden. Don’t leave it dilapidated and overgrown. Whether it’s a landscaper or gardener you need, fix it up. If you have any metal fences or gates, consider complete rust removal specialists to get them back in fighting shape, too. Decorate your front door with a bit of plant life and a cosy lighting/colour scheme. Make it look at as welcoming as possible.


Curb appeal is going to help you draw the people in and might help you convert a willing buyer or two. Getting them intrigued is important. But the amount of space that a house has is going to make them actually interested in buying it. If you have an opportunity to add space or a room, you need to jump at it. Finishing and basement or converting a loft doesn’t necessarily have to be a huge cost if you’re willing to tackle it yourself. Similarly, extensions are good strategies for adding some square foot to those stats.

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The interior

The numbers of rooms and amount of square foot involved might not be enough to woo those that show a bit more scrutiny, however. Before you think to invite the first person inside, go over the entire interior of the house. Aging paint, marked carpets and cracked tiles might not seem a huge deal but they can give the wrong impression of the house. Similarly, a well-designed kitchen or bathroom have the power to sell a house, too. Consider a bit of interior design before you go ahead showing the house off.

Mistakes to avoid

We’ve already covered a few of the disasters that you should consider. But these are the more major ones. There are still some small, nitpicky mistakes you might want to consider. For example, the idea that a contemporary décor isn’t always the best choice. Consider the location and the market you’re in. Might a ranch style house or older fashioned furnishings do a better job? Similarly, it’s a question of environment when it comes to water features. Pools and hot tubs are a considerable cost to homeowners, so think about who’s going to be buying the home before you add them.

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